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Netil Radio has just celebrated its 2nd birthday and we've been reflecting. We set out to build an alternative to the commercial stations that proliferate the airwaves and give a leg up and a platform to the alternative, the independent & the experimental. It has grown quitely & organically into something more bigger and more important that we could have ever envisaged. From across London people come to showcase their works, their passions and their thoughts. They come to learn, to connect with a like-minded community and to make a positive contribution to the world - a world that the media tell us is increasing polarised and divided.

But perhaps it is not. Perhaps we just need more netil radios. we need more independent spaces where people from incredibly diverse backgrounds can come together and realise they are the same, they share the same passions, they laugh, they cry and they party together. we have our differences but lets not despair, lets talk it through and dance it off.

Having never run a radio station before, we've been always playing catch up, trying to figure it out as we went along. juggling the demands of full time jobs and other projects and trying to keep the show on the road on the side. Alas, there is no clear funding model for an online radio station today - and so we have been unable to buy & maintain essential equipment or hire the staff we need to grow this into what it can be.

But we are working on it and we have many ideas. This being one of them. We said we'd never charge subs. Those that cannot afford it should not be denied a platform to express themselves. Many of you have kindly offered to donate to help the cause. A new model is slowly gaining traction where people contribute via platforms such as this to pay what they can to support content & organisations that add value to their lives. You can donate a monthly amount and cancel anytime. Wether you are a presenter who is getting a lot out of this project, a member of our community or a listener , we appreciate every £1 that you can spare. We are eternally grateful for your support. 100% of funds raised will go towards urgent new equipment purchases and to the eventual employment of a part time studio manager.

We will in time be adding different tiers and exclusive content, but for now you can choose any amount you feel. And if you want to make a one off donation you can sign up for that amount and cancel your subscription after its gone through.

We have exciting times ahead and we will keep you posted... stay tuned!

Lots of Love
Team Netil

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