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Hello everyone reading this,

this is a bit of a long one, but please bear with me. I started the adventure that is NeurofunkGrid over 5 years ago as a hobby where I was looking for new tracks on the internet, cutting tracks from mixes and posting them online just to be able to share my excitement over the new music. From there the channel grew and as it got more renowned, artists and labels started to reach out to me and get in touch. I couldn't believe it - suddenly I found myself able to chat directly with the people who actually created the music that I knew and loved! I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be, I was part of a community, one of the best ones out there.

The following years, as the channel grew, I met a shitload of awesome people, both online and in person as this hobby allowed me to start travelling and attend events I couldn't go to before. I met my biggest heroes (cough Noisia cough) and other people who I look up to, who helped shape my taste in Drum & Bass and ultimately let me start the channel. As you can probably guess, this channel started taking a bigger and bigger part of my life - it's always been my passion, but it grew into something as time consuming as a full-time job.

Now here's the problem. I used to work as a System Admin for 5 years and, to be honest, I was quite good at it but when my latest contract ended I took the gamble to work exclusively on the channel and help build the careers of our NFG Talents at the same time as I could promote the music I love. At first I thought I'd be able to survive on (but not make a living off) the YouTube Ad income, but as naive as that thought was it nearly worked at first. Unfortunately nowadays nearly every track that we post on the channel gets claimed by the labels who own them, which means that even though they're monetised and there's ads on them, I get nothing for the uploads. In order to pay my bills I've been doing odd jobs on the side - repairing computers for friends and family, helping people out with miscellaneous tasks and at one point, even had to be a private detective as a woman wanted me to follow her husband's mistress around to catch them in the act (I'm not even kidding. I did that).

I've realised that I can't keep going like this and just as I was about to give up and go back to my old full time job - severely cutting down on the amount of time I can work on the channel - I heard about Patreon and thought it could be good to try. I'm already grateful with the support you guys give me, with returning to the channel almost daily for our new uploads, sharing and commenting on everything we do... it means the world to me! Without you guys, I couldn't have done this. It shames me to do this, but I need to ask you guys if you're willing to help me out a bit more than you already are and support me via Patreon if you can and want to. This way I'll be able to actually properly focus on this passion by spending all my time on it, pushing the channel forward, partnering with new labels and artists and pushing our talents and artists in the direction of the greats (instead of spending part of my time follow mistresses around for money).

I'm at a turning point of my life and you guys can help me overcome the obstacle I'm at now.

Thanks for reading,

- Axel, founder of NeurofunkGrid.

PS - Sampo is amazing

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