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About Nevermore Zine

NEVERMORE Is an anarchist multi-media project with the aim of revitalizing the anarchist tradition.

In March 2020, we printed 5000 copies of NEVERMORE VOLUME ONE, a glossy, high-quality, professionally-produced magazine. Soon thereafter, we printed 5000 copies of a translated French version. We distributed these ten thousand magazines at protests, bookstores, cafes, infoshops and through anarchist publishers such as PM Press, Little Black Cart, and Fifth Estate.

Our initial goal was to kickstart discussion and debate around authoritarian measures justified in the name of public health, such as curfews, lock-downs, stay-at-home orders, and the like, for at the time the subjects were still taboo, and a bizarre sort of conformist groupthink seemed to be the norm both in anarchist circles and in the Left more generally.

Through the process of launching this project, we have come into contact with a number of writers, podcasters, and filmmakers from around the world with whom we are ideologically aligned, and NEVERMORE is evolving into a project meant to bring together anarchists opposed to the biosecurity state, that is to say, real anarchists.

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