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About The Never Rad Miscellany

Greetings from the Miscellany!

The Never Rad Miscellany is a science fiction audio anthology written and collected, cataloged and dispersed to your personal pod-procuring devices by the hardworking Miscellanists (location: space). It is comprised of four serial shows, which are accompanied by various short sci-fi and sci-fi-adjacent interstitial pieces. After all, a true miscellany must consist of recordings both various and sundry.
The four main series are Peaceful Digiternia, Dark Sovereign, Phoenix Lights, and A Gentleman About Space. Peaceful Digiternia is about Wyatt and Vivian, two ex-lovers accidentally uploaded to a digital afterlife server, who have to cope with their new low-res, poorly-coded existence… and an emotionally volatile AI. Dark Sovereign follows the crew of the starship Lucis; after being commissioned to explore a planet that could harbor extraterrestrial life, they find themselves trapped by an ominous eldritch force. Neo-noir series Phoenix Lights is centered on Det. Pal Vargas—a private eye with a secret—who is hired to investigate the possibly-supernatural disappearance of Allan Blaise, a military scientist with a beautiful (dangerous?) wife. Finally, A Gentleman About Space is a farce in the vein of P.G. Wodehouse, following the romantic misadventures of Space Lord Cesar Salamander and his long-suffering robot valet Q.C. Edgetest. (Most) episodes are recorded and performed live in Phoenix, AZ.

We need your help! This project is a labor of love for everyone on the team. With your contributions, we can ensure the sustainability of the project, expand the project, and improve the quality. We can also pay our production staff and our creative minds to make sure we release content on a regular schedule.

Check out our website for the podcast feed and upcoming show dates here in Phoenix!
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This will allow the Miscellany to continue making the show, including renting our performance venues (surprisingly pricey), paying our videographer, and paying our actors, writers, and Conrad.
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