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About Newbie4Hire

Thank you so very much for choosing to support me.

Hi, welcome to Newbie4hire.

I love making videos of all kinds, humorous videos, guide videos, really anything that piques my interest.  I especially love creating characters and then conversing with those characters in real time.  I also enjoy creating art, writing fiction, and rhyming stories.  I'd love for this to be my livelihood.  Your support can make that a reality.  I might make this Patreon page into a sort of blog.  Currently I haven't set up rewards for tiers, I don't know if I ever will.  I kind of like the idea that everyone can experience my art equally regardless of personal wealth, even if you aren't a supporter.  Of course any support is greatly appreciated, and the more support I receive the more time and effort I can dedicate to these pursuits. 

Thank you so much.
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