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is creating A new F1 book entitled Team Lotus Between 1983 & 1990
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My underlying thanks! 

Each month I'll post at least two new bits of content which may include; 

- Unique insights into the 1994 F1 cars like this;  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=529501500969375&set=pcb.529503524302506&type=3&theater   ...that was only one car (the Williams FW16). I'll post the others here.

- the audio of the 30 min interview I did with Mark Blundell for the 1994 book.

-  other exclusive research/content that didn't make it into the final cut of the 1994 book which is not avalible elsewhere.  

Exclusive teasers of the new Lotus book. From January 2020 I will post a 5 minute audio clip sample monthly here. So if you stay long enough, you can listen to the whole book via Patron! 

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My underlying thanks!  


Unlocks everything from the $4 tier plus...

Each month I'll post at least two new exclusive content which may include;  

sections of the 1994 book that did not make the final cut and present them in a readable way for this tier. There was at least one third of material (or 30,000 words) which needed to be cut of the final book, and most of that content had not been discussed elsewhere within the 1994 book. The only reason it had to be cut out, was we were limited to 167 pages, so there physically was not any room to put that content. 

Even rarer material that I came into contact with throughout the course of the 1994 book. For instance I have some rare videos waiting to be posted here ;-) 

Exclusive monthly blogs based on questions from Patrons of this tier. For example a Patron could tell me that they are thinking of writing their own F1 book? So I could write a blog giving my advise on that as well as my experience & some tips / help on how to create your own book / audiobook & who to contact.  

Even longer teasers of the upcoming Lotus book (i.e. 10 minute audio clip samples etc) then you would get under the previous tier. These 10 minute audio teasers of the new Lotus book will not be available on any other website and a new one might be posted here each month.


You are a true star!
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My underlying thanks!  

Unlocks everything from the $4 & $8 tiers plus these EXCLUSIVE benefits... 

Each month I'll let this tier of Patrons influence key things about the Lotus book (i.e. the title of the book or whether you would like the book to explore a particular subject or not). And these Patrons will be offered the chance to become beta readers or book contributors (with full credit within the book) before anyone else. 

If you live in the US/Canada or Australia and join this tier I can give you a free audiobook version of 1994 The Untold Story (the audiobook codes only work in the US/Canada or Australia at the moment but I hope to expand this soon). FYI most online retailers sell the audiobook for around $20. 

If you don't live in one of those countries then I could give you a shout out in the acknowledgements section of the upcoming Lotus book instead (by becoming a patron you genuinely are contributing towards this book). Lots of people wanted a shout out in the 1994 book to show off to their loved ones. Or if you prefer a shout out on my social media channels, with a personalised message.

Because of the above two points, spaces are therefore limited within this tier.

There will also be even longer teasers of the upcoming Lotus book (i.e. 15 minute audio clip samples etc) then you would get under the previous two tiers.  ONLY $12 tier Patrons will get to listen to these 15 minutes teasers of the upcoming Lotus book and a new one will be post here monthly from January 2020. 




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About Ibrar Malik's Patreon Page


I’m the author of 1994 – The Untold Story which has been well received by many people who want to see a second book from me.

Initially I was very cautious about undertaking this because not only do I know how much work & stress is involved behind the scenes (a lot more than people imagine). But I also know how low the expected earnings would likely be on that second book. To give you an idea, below are the total ACTUAL sales figures of the 1994 audio book & another book I created (entitled Untold Stories of F1 during the 1990's) between its release on 4/4/2019 and 12/12/19 (the date I am writing this).

When these sales figures initially came in I thought to myself..."forget about pursuing your dreams to write more books on your passion. Just go back to a normal 9-5 job no matter how much you might despise it." So I did, and below is the email I sent to my website subscribers when I was hoping to forget about that second F1 book... 

 When writing the highlighted bit above I remember being in tears. However since then another debut author (Neil White) needed helpso this along with fans of the 1994 book kept asking me to write a second book, is essentially how the upcoming Lotus book came about.You can find out more about the Team Lotus book co-author Neil White here 

If this upcoming book proves popular then there might be other Team Lotus books covering the years between 1978-1983 & 1990-1995. These books might even turn into a set of volumes for the complete story. please consider becoming a member/patron by clicking on the blue "Become a Patron" button on the Top right of the screen. 

So, what will you get if you support me? Besides my undying gratitude? You can get:

  • Exclusive research that didn't make it into the final cut of the 1994 book such as detailed analysis of every F1 car within 1994, rare images/articles not included within the book and the whole interview I did with Mark Blundell, and some of the other 1994 book contributors.
  • Exclusive details/teasers about the upcoming book and you might even have a chance to shape it. For instance I could let Patrons choose it's front cover out of a selection of say four possible designs. Or Patrons could determine how the book is structured (i.e. should the book also cover the 1990's as well as the 1980's? Or should they be a separate volume for the 1980's/1990's? You decide). 
  • Free audio books copies of the 1994 F1 book however the code I will provide only currently works in the US / Canadian & Australia ATM.
  • I can produce exclusive podcasts on demand for Patrons such as my experiences of what it is like to leave a 9-5 to write full-time? Or what is the reality the book publishing world?
  • A Q&A for example if you’d like some tips / help on how to create your own book / audiobook. Anyone can to do this these days and I literally started from scratch and learnt everything by myself on the job. So I’d be glad to pass on that knowledge to Patrons who might also be interested in creating their own print/audio book. 

I really, really appreciate anything you choose to contribute. Truly.



If I become a Patron how does it work?  When you initially join you pay either $4 / $8 or $12 depending on the tier level you've selected. Then you unlock all the content at that tier level. Going forwards Patron will then take a monthly payment of either $4 / $8 or $12 again depending on the tier level you've selected until you cancel. For your kind support I'll post exclusive content twice a month for each tier (so if you are at the $12 tier you should be getting access to 6 exclusive posts per month).

Am I locked in? No. You can cancel at any time and the cancellation is effective immediately. So you are only charged if you continue to enjoy the content I post here. 

Are the payments automatic? Yes. You set up the payment once and that's it! They reoccur automatically unless changed or altered.

Are there any time commitments? Nope! All you have to do is join and enjoy the benefits.

Can I pay in any currency? Yes, Patreon will convert it for you

What will my contribution go towards? Anything you kindly contribute will go directly to the costs of travelling to interviews, research, photo costs, paying for the audio recording equipment/print book production & just generally making this second book on Team Lotus a reality. This is where I ask for your help—though truth be told I'm already grateful that you've even made this far down the page.

If you're thinking, “Ibrar, I'm poor,” or, “I'm already giving my money to animal rights groups who matter more than you,” that's fine. Seriously. Maybe just sometime send this page to a friend or two or just consider purchasing the (well received) 1994 book; either in audio or print form. There are lots of other ways to support me.  

I should also mention that for the last 4 years I have SOLEY funded myself on savings whilst working. The only reason I am asking for your support here because those savings are now running out. I've even just sold my car to keep funding the second book...see below. Given my car was essential to me, hopefully that shows you the scarifies I have already made thus far. So I really wouldn't be here if I could avoid it;

Anyhow, THANK YOU for everything. I look forward to sharing this space and my future work with you.
$33 of $500 per month
When I reach $500 per month, I’ll buy a video camera and recording equipment (don't currently own any of either) and I'll do a monthly podcast showing what research I've uncovered during the last month for my latest writing project. Or I'll answer a question from a tier 1 or 2 Patron. I'll also try to get the thoughts of that patron for any writing projects I have ongoing that month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
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