Mikel Melwasul is creating The New Genesis book series and short stories

Survivor Tier (Standard)

$1.50 /creation
Basic supporter. Gets access to the two main story chapters a month in exchange for your support.  The bread and butter of the stories' survival 

Dwarf Tier

$3 /creation
For those of you who want to show a little more support and get a little more story, you'll get access to the two monthly main story chapters plus bonus chapters which tell stories of the world aro...

Elf Tier

$6 /creation
For the truly dedicated. You will get access to all chapters release. In addition, one of you will be selected as the focus for a bonus chapter. That is to say, the every other month bonus chapters...

Drow Tier

$10 /creation
For the Super fans. You get access to all chapters, are entered into the bonus chapter drawing pool, and you get to watch a monthly hour long live-stream of the creative process. 



Orc Tier

$15 /creation
For the those who want to,. You get access to all Drow level rewards and below, and after your second month at this tier we'll send you a t-shirt once they're designed and printed.



S.N.W. Tier

$25 /creation
For those of you who want to provide a little extra support and get all the content, chapters, bonus chapters, live stream, this is your tier.

The delicious, healing desert of the stories' survival. 

Warlord Tier

$50 /creation
IF you're this interested in supporting my story you'll be listed among the special thanks section of any Paperback or Hardcover copies of the book if it gets released, as well as a hard back copy ...

Basilisk Tier

$100 /creation
For those who want to seriously invest in the story, you get all lower tier rewards as well as a character in the podcast based on you.  I'm also open to suggestions.

The full suit o...


Dragon Tier

$250 /creation
If you're that interested in the series, you get it all: chapters, bonus chapters, Live stream, personal hard copy... I'll even name a main character of the second book after you to be immortalized...