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About New Hemp Times

Imagine a comedian, a cannabis expert, a farmer, and a therapist walk into a "coffee shop" (the kind found in Amsterdam). What they create is a podcast that provides intelligent & humorous coverage of the global cannabis bonanza, known as the New Hemp Times. The show was launched by the International Research Center on Cannabis and Mental Health (IRCCMH), a nonpartisan think tank and research institute that focuses on cannabis, research, and harm reduction in the mental healthcare space.

“The New Hemp Times” is a show that debunks myths around cannabis, and gives a sane, intelligent, and humorous look at the major cannabis issues of the day. The show is hosted by Greer Barnes, a comedy legend who has opened for Dave Chappelle, hosted his own Comedy Central special, and appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. He sits alongside Dr. Jan Roberts, LCSW, a clinical therapist, professor at NYU, and researcher focusing on the applications of cannabis and mental health. They join cannabis science veteran Jahan Marcu, PhD, with a background in chemistry, biology, and pharmacology who can explain the intricacies of how cannabis and plant compounds work. Roberts and Marcu are the co-founders of IRCCMH and bring a combined 25 years of experience to the table. And to round everything off, there’s the Unapologetic Farmer Randy Cameron Jr, a comedy writer and hydroponic and sustainable agriculture expert who is dedicated to creating social justice in the cannabis industry with his business, Brooklyn Sprout.

Our listeners and viewers can expect to find unbiased, trustworthy information for those who work in the cannabis industry or would like to learn more about the world of this plant. Of course, science and policy is fantastic, but it can also be dry and boring. So we enliven the discussion with comedy and quippy banter to keep folks engaged. Since cannabis is becoming more widely accepted across the globe, now comes the time for discussions that address the complexities of its place inside an evolving global economy. Each host has experience and passion in the industry that comes through when listening to the show.

We’ve set the record straight on “Tell Your Children,” a well-intentioned but misguided new book from a former New York Times reporter that makes weed sound much scarier than what the actual science says it is. We’ve discussed how to integrate people of color and women in the cannabis space, how levels of THC can’t be accurately measured after death, the topic of cannabis patenting, and a whole lot more. But don’t take our word for it, check out our Youtube channel, our podcast platforms (iTunes,, & Spotify), and follow us on Facebook, where we go live every Wednesday at 4pm EST.

We create an alliance of people working or interested in cannabis research, social justice, regenerative agriculture, the performing arts, and many other areas. Perhaps you’re new to cannabis and want to learn more? Maybe you live in an area with senseless cannabis laws (or no laws at all)? We offer informative yet digestible information for people who’d like to deepen their knowledge. Are you a cannabis expert? Nerd out with us! Want a bit of comedic relief to streamline your commute to work in gridlock traffic? There’s something for everyone on the New Hemp Times.

We’re a group of cannanerds with a huge love for what we do. We seek like-minded souls to help us grow and make our vision a reality. Currently, the New Hemp Times is a passion project, and each one of us does the podcast each week because we’re inspired by our team and the growing community of listeners. The curation and preparation for the show takes special care to make it happen. Additionally, there’s the upfront cost of renting and recording each episode.

We invite you to be a part of a cutting edge platform in the ever changing cannabis industry. Our current efforts are focused on increasing our follower base, improving and streamlining the show's segments, and getting more sponsors in order to make the podcast a sustainable endeavor. Every Wednesday, we have call-ins from the community to ask questions and a lively discussion in the comments section on Facebook Live. We’d love to be able to do an “on demand” approach to take live callers, polish the show, and expand to create other video and audio productions.

We invite you to contribute via Patreon so we can keep our work going, and help us branch out and evolve our show. There are contribution levels that meet different budgets. We have goodies in store. Thanks for reading, we appreciate you!

For interview requests, please email: [email protected]

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