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About Carmen Jorissen

Hi there, and welcome to my Patreon page! My name is Carmen Jorissen and I'm the designer behind New Leaf Designs knitting & crochet patterns, and the creator of the New Leaf Podcast on YouTube. I live in the Netherlands with my boyfriend and – as of July 2018 - with our cutiepie kitten Momo.  

I've been designing knitting & crochet patterns since December 2012, always looking for ways to improve my designs and come up with fresh and new ideas! I started the New Leaf Podcast in Dutch in October 2016, switching to English spoken podcast episodes from April 2017.
Even though I’ve studied something completely different (Mandarin Chinese) I’ve come to love designing and my ultimate DREAM would be to design knitting and crochet patterns fulltime. In January of 2018 I was able to start working part-time at my dayjob, and have every Thursday off to work on my designs from my home. Before, I was working in the weekends and evenings, which left me with little to no time for my family and friends. It has been a huge help and relief actually, to have a dedicated day to work on my designs, answer emails, take care of admin stuff and write blogposts. I also do freelance translating of patterns from English to Dutch.
Since my business is forever growing, this 1 day off per week will not be enough for much longer for me to keep creating more content for you guys. Most of all I want to record more tutorial videos as this is what you all seem to like most. I already have a series of free sock knitting tutorials on Youtube, but I want to expand this! A full series on how to fix mistakes in knitting, more sock knitting tutorials as you guys have requested, special crochet techniques.. all exclusive for my Patreons!
Of course, building an exclusive knitting and crochet educational community like this takes time, and will at some point require me to take the plunge and quit my day job. This is where I need your help! Your support – no matter what the amount – goes a long way and will ultimately help me to start designing and filming tutorials fulltime for you!

  • If you choose to support me and my business via Patreon at the Birch level, you will receive access to exclusive behind the scenes sneak peeks, which may include step-by-step processes behind my designs; natural dyeing vlogs and the everyday life of a designer. 
  • At the Rosewood level, you will receive access to exclusive tutorial videos that will help you to master knitting and crocheting and try fun new techniques. You will also receive a 10% discount code to use on ALL of my paid patterns on Ravelry.*
  • At the Willow level, you will receive access to all of the above, AND a special ‘Madly in Love’ shorty socks pattern INCLUDING step by step tutorial videos for this pattern. This pattern will be up for sale via my Ravelry store, but it will be FREE for you guys! You will also receive a 15% discount code to use on ALL of my paid patterns on Ravelry.*
  • At the Elder level, you will receive access to all of the above, AND you will be able to request specific tutorial videos (within reason of course). If I can teach you something about the subject you have requested, I will happily do so! You will also receive a 20% discount code to use on ALL of my paid patterns on Ravelry.*

Please take a moment to consider if you are able to support. It means the world to me that people would want to contribute to my work and help be grow my business so I can do even more things to help you with your knitting and crocheting. I realize not everybody is able to contribute, which I totally understand. But if you are able, please consider contributing as every little amount helps!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me so far, you are the best!!

*Discount codes cannot be accumulated with other promotions and discounts.

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