is creating multiplayer games to fund climate journalism & activism

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  • Your support keeps this game free and keeps me coding! We're gonna build this game and fund non corporate backed climate focused journalism and activism until we get a Global Green New Deal! You're the rock that'll make this whole thing roll. My gratitude is forever yours.  
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I’m NewNoise, my game studio’s called NewNoiseWorks, and the game I'm building is called The Promised Land. The Promised Land is a free to play pixel art farming MMO where 60% of revenue for cosmetic assets will be sent directly to groups fighting climate change. Gaming can make billions, and instead of sending that money back to banks, I say we fund humanity's survival. Help me if you'd prefer to live.


NOTE - the 60% split is for the game The Promised Land; 100% of money sent to this Patreon is used to produce the game, which is currently in an alpha stage. A separate payment gateway will be built to purchase game currency outside of any Patreon tier-based awards.
$0 of $20,000 per month
This would allow for me to continue programming full time while contracting out for art, marketing, and development assistance. It's the minimum amount to 100% guarantee the gamer revolution thrives.
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