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About New River Press

New River Press was founded in 2016 by artist Robert Montgomery and poet Greta Bellamancina.

We started this Patreon last year, but found that we promised too much and delivered too little, as all our efforts are spent on the books and events.

Now we will use this site as a blog where we ask poets we have worked with to introduce three poems - one by themselves and two by poets they admire. We will also post news about what we're doing and images and videos from our archive. 

It is a place where people can come if they wish to support what New River Press are doing. 

Who are we? 

We exist to publish, promote, and pay for the best new 'page poetry' by emerging poets and radical voices.

In our first year we published eight books, including 6 solo collections and a survey of new feminist poetry, the sold out Smear: Poems For Girls, which we have now reissued in an expanded edition.

Our back catalogue includes:

  • The first collection of poetry by Robert Montgomery, Coltash, featuring the full length poems that many of his artworks draw on. It is an elegiac work, a love letter to lost friends and a manifesto for life.
  • Greta Bellamacina's Selected Poems 2015-17, a selected of Greta's transcendent, romantic, and euphoric poetry from one of Britain's finest female poets under 30. Poems for our time, discussing the border crisis, Brexit, the death of Leonard Cohen, and more.
  • Points For Time In The Sky, a sold out collaborative work by Greta Bellamacina and Robert Montgomery, a psychogeographic journey through the imagination and reality of contemporary Britain.
  • A book of erotic poems by an esteemed Swiss curator and former medical doctor Barbara Polla.
  • A new book by the cult poet Robert Lundquist who was published by Raymond Carver in the 1980s before disappearing into the world of downtown LA. We have rediscovered a lost genius.

We also keep our poetry alive in the streets, notably with Niall McDevitt's London Poetry Walks, every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm. Niall is an eminent historian of the places where great poets were burned, lived, and died in London. He has excavated the memories of many geniuses in London: Rimbaud and Verlaine, William Blake, Emilia Bassano, Shakespeare, Thomas De Quincey, TS Eliot, Christopher Marlowe, and many others. This year he led the extremely successful A London Bloomsday Walk, a celebration of James Joyce in Kensington. He also leads the provocative walk The Modernists: Are they Antisemitic? 

We have hosted explosive, brilliant poetry evenings at venues such as Shakespeare and Company in Paris and Pentameter's Theatre in London. We also curate a poetry programs at the Curious Arts Festival, Stoke Newington Literary Festival, and Idler Festival. 

The current economy of poetry publishing makes it impossible to live as a poet without major external support. We plan to emulate the indie record label model-  New River Press is run as a close collective of poets, where the poets get a much larger percentage of royalties on their books than most traditional publishers offer, and the poets are much closer to the design, printing, and production process. Some of our publications blur the boundaries between books and artist's multiples/signed and numbered limited editions. Ultimately we're experimenting with ways that poets can actually earn money from their craft. This is one of those ways.

We believe that poets can see the future of poetry, and they can innovate it in publishing. We see a publishing industry devoting its resources to historical poetry. We want to create oxygen and support for contemporary poets, particularly with a focus on poets whose main medium is 'page poetry' - poems that are written to be read on the page. We feel a lot has been done to help the spoken word scene, but page poets are still struggling to survive. New River is new oxygen for those poets. 

$4.35 of $500 per month
If we get reach this goal we will create a monthly podcast where New River Poets will track down poets they love and interview them. We will create wide ranging discussions covering topical themes, big ideas, and uncensored feelings. A new river of of life shooting through the blood streams of the internet.  

We have many ideas for this, so please help us make it happen! 
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