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Just like prairie grass emerges from growing points under the soil, The New Territory's backers give life to a whole ecosystem of writers. You are the buffalo hoof. You are the tongue of fire licking the fields of the future. We offer you eternal gratitude for sharing your abundance with us, and we will enjoy the heck out of sharing our process with you through backers-only updates. You'll also get listed on our Palisade of Patrons at


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We know your connection to The New Territory feels deeply personal, because you've told us! And we've also heard it helps you feel connected to the Greater Whole. Amazing! How do we do it? We'll conjure Midwest Magic and keep answering that question together: at the Sanctuaries level and above, we shall cordially invite you to irregular video gatherings of other NT supporters for The Most Midwest Minutes on the Internet (and receive recordings if you have to miss it). You'll also get a quick video shoutout from our very own Kevin Mahler or Tina Casagrand, plus the gratitude and behind-the-scenes process insights enjoyed by the Growing Points tier.

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The Brave New Worlds supporters change how a publication can and should behave. You won't just contribute directly to The New Territory's creators. You BECOME creators yourselves! We will ask for your suggestions in magazine's "Midwest Made" section and The Dabbler newsletter. You'll also get 10% off all products in our online store (t-shirts, notebooks, stickers) and of course receive the gratefully given behind-the-scenes content of the previous tiers. Your backing is significant, and we are stoked to engage with fellow lovers of the Midwest, literature, nature and culture.




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About The New Territory

The New Territory is the Lower Midwest's autobiography.

An independent magazine created by and for Midwesterners. 

The nature and culture living in and moving through Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska fascinates us. We love discovering the latest journalism, creative writing and art that digs deep in the region.

Who are we? Meet the makers of The New Territory here.

We are passionate about editing stories until they sing. And we're turning the entire business of literary journalism and art around, to where writers get paid what they deserve and readers get world-class work relevant to the places they love.

Our devoted and growing fanbase make a print magazine possible in the digital era.

We don't sell ads.

We charge a fair price for a four-issue subscription, and pass the earnings on to our brave contributors.

And when there's a gap between subscription sales and the high costs of running a print mag, our fans have come through and helped us out. We are so, so grateful for that.

Some of our favorite longform features:
  • "The Control of the Missouri" by Robert Langellier
    A court ruling in 2018 shifted the future of America’s longest river away from ecological restoration. But was the science behind its decision accurate?
  • "Too Sick to Go Home, Too Poor to Get Better" by Krista Langlois
    Micronesian migrants struggle to get healthcare in Oklahoma and Arkansas.
  • "The Dependents" by Michael Noll
    Fiction set in suburban Kansas: Did they dare hope for anything good?
  • "Big Sky Tourism" by Daniel Clausen
    The people making grassland ecotourism work in Nebraska learned from Namibia.
  • "The Boley Carnival" by Melissa Stuckey
    A Juneteenth like no other in 1905.
More than 500 people have subscribed to the magazine. More than 150 journalists, creative writers and artists have contributed.

We have so many more people to meet. And so much more ground to cover.

Now there's this page. Patreon makes it easy to connect with New Territory fans so we can get directly to the business of saying, "Thank you."

Subscriptions, sales and sponsors already cover what we pay to contributors. 

We have found that recurring support from Patreon helps us plan print schedules of future issues. This is important. The more issues we send to print each year, the more creative Midwesterners we support. That's what drives us now and always. 

Here's a story: it's spring 2020. The World Health Organization declares a global pandemic. Everything's cancelled, including every one of the Lower Midwest's literary events. We were counting on sales at those events to fund our next issue. What's an indie mag to do? Thanks to our Patreon backers, we only had to to push our print date back for a month because we were making enough from Patreon to put down a deposit. That's your dollars seriously going to work.

Anything extra we might make from Patreon will go to table fees and travel costs for getting out to your communities, finding more people who love The New Territory and getting you all together for really fun events.

Please join at a level that's meaningful to you. We look forward to interacting!

Intro video by Ga Ji Ashlin Wang.
"Too Sick to Go Home..." photo by Krista Langlois
NT "Rebuilding" Issue cover photo by Chase Castor

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