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is creating a post-apocalyptic puzzle platformer game

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Those who put in money for the sake of the project will receive up-to-date builds of the game's test room every month so that they can play around with the current in-game mechanics and possibly give feedback on the things they enjoy or dislike most.

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Those who have paid invested money to access the current build of the project, and want to give feedback in order to better the quality of it.

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Hi! I'm Sean.

I am an indie game developer trying to finish up my first large-scale project; it is a puzzle-platformer that takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth.

You, the player, wake up alone in an abandoned factory with a little ball of beautiful pink fire. You can kick the ball around, juggle it on your head, throw it really far, and when it gets stuck, you just detonate it into a million pieces and pull out a new one.

The puzzles will often be hinged upon maneuvering the ball of fire in a clever fashion in order to achieve your goal. Every area can be backtracked, and you may even find secrets you didn't spot the first time!

As for the development of this game, I am currently doing all of the sprite-work, sound design, and programming. Play-testers and inspiration may eventually run dry, and that's where the patrons come in. What I want to give to my patrons is an opportunity to try out my game and give me feedback on what they like or don't like. Those who pledge $10 will become Donors, and have access to a test room with all of the in-game mechanics. As for $20 pledges, you will become Investors, and have access to every version of the game as it is being produced. This serves two purposes:

1 - I gain monetary support and the inspiration to continue my project.


2 - You can tell me every little thing you hate about the game so that I may attempt to get it just right.
$0 of $500 per month
This goal is set in order to handle possible asset and utility costs in the future.

First plan of action is to get a new computer that is better capable doing its job, and will allow me to multitask better. With my current setup, having Fruityloops and Gimp open at the same time turns my computer nearly catatonic.

The next thing to work on is music and sound hardware. I love designing music, but I want to make it with the utmost quality in order to ensure that all of my projects have the right feel.
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