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About Next Level Gaming

We are a group of friends who play video games together. now we are making Youtube videos to share with the world. we play a large variety of games across the PS4 and PC consoles. games we play include GTA 5 online, Friday the 13th, Fortnight, overwatch, fallout, kingdom hearts, Garry's mod, golf it, and many many others that would take far to long to list plus the list is always growing and changing. we are using Patreon as a way to help fund and support our content to allow us to continue to improve our equipment as well as support our team of editors and other staff the help with the content. we deeply appreciate any and all support from our loyal fans and supporters.
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With this goal we will be able to provide a much higher amount of content each week as well as provide many different videos types from gameplay, live streams, contests, and giveaways As well as many more ideas we have.
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