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I am Michael Baylor, a 20 year old college student studying Computer Science with a passion for spaceflight.

What I do:
I have developed Next Spaceflight app and website which are making it easier than ever before to track the latest in spaceflight. The goal of the service is to get people excited about space. The easier things are to follow – the more likely people are to get engaged.

Additionally, I am a writer and launch photographer for NASASpaceflight.com – one of the most well-known spaceflight websites.

What your support funds:
The Next Spaceflight website and app are free and run no ads. Why? Because you should not have to pay to get excited about space. Also, ads are simply annoying. However, the service does require servers capable of serving tens of thousands of users and countless development hours.

Additionally, my goal is to photograph launches on a more regular basis, and the travel and equipment involved is very expensive.

About the Next Spaceflight app and website:
Next Spaceflight keeps you up to date with the latest in spaceflight including all of the key players like SpaceX, NASA, ROSCOSMOS, ULA, Blue Origin, and more.

- A schedule for upcoming rocket launches.
- A catalog with hundreds of past rocket launches.
- Live rocket launch tracking! Get live updates as the key events unfold.
- Latest news
- Upcoming events
- Reuse and core history for SpaceX missions
- Commercial and government launch vehicles from across the globe.
- Historical images of rockets and launch complexes.
- Detailed satellite maps of launch pads.
- Links to live streams of upcoming launches and videos of past launches.
- A description of each mission.
- Live International Space Station telemetry including a map with the current location.
- Notifications for upcoming launches (toggle in settings).
- Ad-free! Seriously, who wants ads?

About my spaceflight reporting:
I have been reporting for NASASpaceflight.com since January 2018. Additionally, starting with the SpaceX GPS III SV01 mission, I have been photographing launches for NASASpaceflight with press credentials. Max-Q Patrons get an exclusive behind the scenes view of what it is like to cover these exciting missions.

One-time payments:
If you would prefer to make a one-time payment, you can send a PayPal donation to [email protected] or simply cancel your Patreon subscription after making the first payment. If you chose to do PayPal instead of Patreon, please note that you will not get the Patreon rewards. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to sync them.

Thank you for your support!
- Michael

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