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About NezumiVA


I'm NezumiVA. I'm a content creator and professional voice actor working on a variety of different things. On my YouTube channel I make essay, analysis, and review videos.

My videos are often centered around subjects of my interest, whether they be in games, anime, television or film (or anywhere in-between), and aim to convey my thoughts on them in different ways. Ever wanted to know why in the world people are interested in a certain cartoon? What a certain confusing show you just watched even means at the end of the day? Whether that new superhero game was any good or not? I've got you covered. My content is often very personally conveyed on these things, aiming to not only explain my thoughts but why said media has a degree of importance to me (for better or worse).

I make three main types of video on my channel, with some extraneous experimental videos sometimes to the side. The first of the main three are Analysis/Essay videos where I take a topic or theme presented in a piece of media and dig into it, explaining inside and out how it applies and what it means. The second type is Why You Should Watch type videos, essentially elongated pitches as to why a piece of media (in my opinion) is worth your time and attention, and why it stuck out to me. This often involves going into great detail about the thematic strengths of said work, as well as covering pretty much all standard bases of a review. The third type are Quickie Reviews, which are short, quickly produced content aimed at being a basic review or discussion on something a little more new or topical. This involves covering basic bases and giving an overall recommendation based on my personal experiences.

I have examples of all three types of these videos I make below, in that order:

In addition, at times I also make Retrospective Videos, reflecting on a work of media after a specific amount of time after its initial release, or Let's Casually Play which is a sort of comedic, highlight reel style video series I put together with two of my close real life friends from high school where we play video games and just generally shoot the shit together while doing  so.

Under funding, I aim to create at least 2 to 3 videos (maybe more, depending on the month's workflow) in at least 2 of the 3 main categories (the quickies being the only possible outlier, considering I don't get to buy new products that often) per month. For the sake of fairness to people who are only around for one type of video, I'm making the payment schedule monthly instead of per-video so that if you want to support me, you'll only have to pay as much as you think is worth my delivery of the content you came here for.


A lasting difficulty with my content production is, of course, a lack of immediate funds. I'm currently still seeking steady employment and some personal difficulties regarding internet connection and other personal matters make content production a bit of a troublesome affair for me on the production side (even though I greatly enjoy doing it). Any assistance with this matter will enable me to more easily acquire the resources I need to make more content in the future, as well as sustain myself more comfortably and hopefully (eventually) inch closer to living a better life outside of my current living situation.


Well I mean, you don't have to but it'd be very nice. Hopefully you'd like to pledge on the basis of enjoying my content and knowing I'll deliver on what you're signing up for. I aim to continue to make content my viewers will enjoy, as well as developing further upon my content around audience feedback. I plan to put all of the funds acquired toward more equipment, editing software, internet service, platforms with which to consume the media I talk about, as well as maybe help around the house hopefully? (I really hate sitting around without being able to)

My content will not be put behind any kind of paywall, my patron reward tiers may add extra bits to your experience of my channel - but I am adamant about providing the same core experience to everyone who decides to stick with me. Thank you for your consideration.
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Living related expenses, internet hassles, you name it. Anything on the more personal side of things falls under here. Once these are taken care of, it will be far easier for me to more easily make content.
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