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About ngGirls

Welcome to the ngGirls Patreon page! :)

ngGirls aims to introduce women to the world of technology and increase the diversity. Angular is a great technology to start with. We believe this is a win-win situation!

Our main activity is one-day workshops, where the participants build and deploy their very first Web application with Angular. The day starts with an intro to Angular, and then, with the guidance of volunteer, experienced mentors, the participants build and deploy their very first Web application, by following our open-source tutorial.

The workshops are co-organized with local communities. ngGirls provides thorough guidance and sets up the website and registration forms. Although the team members love participating in-person in the events, our purpose is to allow community activists to organize and manage the workshops by themselves. 

We’ve had more than 30 workshops around the world in the past two years. And we have many more in the planning. Some notable activities:
  • While in most workshops we have around 40 participants and 15 mentors, we've had two mega-workshops with around 120 participants and 40 mentors! The first was in Mountain View, California, in the Angular headquarters, and the second was in Medellín, Colombia, as part of NgColombia.
  • We've had our very first 2-day event as part of NgTalks. On the second day, experienced speakers introduced various topics from the web development world, such as testing, debugging, developing for mobile, and preparing for a professional interview.
  • After a huge success of the workshop in Karachi, Pakistan, the community members there organized a 3-day ngGirls course, called "Road to Angular", where the participants learned front-end basics before starting to work with Angular. 
  • We've already had two events on the same day, and we're going to set a new record with three events: in Krakow, Hamburg, and Seattle, on October 20th! 

The team

We’re a very small team who manage ngGirls voluntarily.

ngGirls was founded by Shmuela Jacobs, a front-end consultant, trainer, and developer. She started coding during her M.Sc. studies. Then, after realizing the strength of the Web, she fell in love with AngularJS. She started teaching AngularJS and its new version, Angular, in meetups and conferences around the world. For her expertise in Web and Angular and contribution to the community, Shmuela has earned the title Google Developer Expert.

From the first ngGirls event, Revital Friedman has helped in organizing the workshops and hosting team meetings. She has brought many great ideas and initiatives (and created the first version of the ngGirls stickers ;) ). Revital has served in the army in the special intelligence technology unit and has been a passionate fullstack developer since.

Robert Willemelis was a mentor on the second ngGirls workshop, taking place at ngVikings. Shortly after, he started organizing ngGirls events all around the world. A diversity and community enthusiast, he has found the joy of coding with Angular with the creativity background as a designer.

Our goals for the next year are to:

  • reach out to women in more locations around the world
  • engage more people as event organizers and mentors
  • facilitate meetups as follow-ups for the workshops
  • create more tutorials about Angular, Web, and programming, in several languages
  • discuss diversity, soft skills, and work-life balance
  • inspire women to take leadership roles in their career and in the community
We have many more ideas for encouraging women in the tech world and contributing to the community. We'd love your help and support to make a great impact!

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