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About Noah Grigni

Hi, I'm Noah! I'm a freelance illustrator and comic artist from Atlanta, based in Boston. It looks like you've stumbled upon my Patreon. How did you end up here? Maybe you saw my art in a book I illustrated, and you decided to google my name. Maybe you follow me on Instagram, or found my trans pride illustrations floating around online, or even know me in Real Life (a realm I try to avoid as much as possible). No matter how you found me, you wound up here, so I hope you like my art. Thanks for visiting my page.


I graduated from Lesley University College of Art & Design in 2018 with a BFA in illustration, and I've been freelancing full time since then. I have illustrated four books so far: It Feels Good To Be Yourself by Theresa Thorn (2019), The Gender Identity Workbook For Kids by Kelly Storck (2018), The Worry Workbook For Kids by Muniya Khanna (2018), and The Every Body Book by Rachel E. Simon (coming 2020). My art has also appeared in We're Still Here: An All-Trans Comics Anthology by Tara Avery and Jeanne Thornton (2018), The Transgender Heroes Coloring Book by Avery and Cameron (2019), and on the covers of Boston Pride Guide (2019) and The Other Animals (2019). I'm currently working on two books: The Ship We Built by Lexie Bean, a middle grade novel coming 2020 from Penguin Random House, and my (first ever!!) graphic novel, Cloudland, coming 2021 from First Second. I also self-publish my more personal work in zines (available in my etsy shop), sell my art semi-regularly at artists' markets in Boston, and do commissions and other projects on the side. My art lives online here:

instagram: @noahgrigni


I'm joining Patreon in the hopes of becoming more financially stable. Working as a freelance illustrator is a full time job, but it doesn't pay like one. I have two part-time jobs on top of my freelance work. I love what I do and I work hard, but I don't want to burn myself out. My current work structure is exhausting, overwhelming, and deeply unsustainable. I need a better way to make money and support my creative practice. That's why I'm on Patreon. Patreon offers a crowd-funded, supplementary source of income for artists like me.

I am using crowd-funding to make my art career more sustainable and less exhausting. I post most of my art for free, because I want it to be accessible. If you like my art, tip me for it! Why should you tip artists? The same reason you tip waiters: because we are doing you a service (yes, just by making art you like), and we don't make a livable income doing it. You can tip me once on Ko-fi, or support me monthly here on Patreon in exchange for exclusive digital content and mailed rewards.

If you like my art and want to keep seeing it, please consider throwing me a few dollars every month. It helps me pay the bills and bring you the content you love. I appreciate any support, no matter how small.

What will you get by becoming my patron? My everlasting gratitude. And a few other things:


All my patrons have access to exclusive digital content, including six short comics which can be found nowhere else on the internet. These six comics are *cue dramatic music*: The Lighthouse (2013), The Tempest (2014), Undone (2015), Shit I Learned In Art School (2016), Anatomy of a Wallflower (2016), and Thots With Thoughts (2017). Patrons can find and download these comics by clicking the featured #comic tag in the the "posts" section of my page.

Three of these six exclusive comics are also available as physical self-published zines, which I sell on my Etsy shop and at artists' markets. It took me a long time to value my comics enough to charge money for them, but I finally got there. For that reason, my comics are available ONLY to paying customers, both on Patreon and on Etsy.

*A note for patrons: This is an honor system, guys. DO NOT post my comic PDFs anywhere. If you do, I will find out, and I will cry.

I try to post new content to Patreon at least twice a week, including sketches, illustrations, project updates, time lapses, works in progress, and occasionally comics. I generally post new art to Patreon a few days before Instagram, so my patrons are the first to know what I'm working on.


I have three tiers of support on Patreon: $2, $4, and $10. All patrons get access to ALL my digital content on Patreon (including exclusive art), $4+ patrons ALSO receive physical art bundles in the mail every three months, and $10+ patrons receive extra fancy stuff in their art bundles. At the $4 level, your seasonal art bundle will include 2 stickers, 2 postcards, 1 mini-print, and my casual Patreon Newsletter. At the $10 level, you will receive all of these things, PLUS 1 self-published zine, 1 small original doodle addressed to you, and occasional extras like embroidered patches. It's pretty cute! I like sending mail, you like getting mail, everyone wins.

Every pledge helps, no matter how small. Love you guys, couldn't do it without you.


$89 of $100 per month
My Patreon is officially in the experimental phase until I reach this goal. I'll start posting more regularly and devoting more time to creating content for this platform when I reach $100/month.
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