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Niamh is a Speaker, Storyteller, Intuitive Mentor and founder of ATTUNEME ™ and ORIGEN Home; an online haven for modern-day truth seekers, mystics, creatives, and visionaries. But above all else she is simply a creative, someone who is continually inspired to create art that ignites remembrance.  She does through to many forms of vibrational art; visual artwork, film, storytelling, spoken and written word with the intention to ignite emotional and cellular remembrance. 

The original intention of her work is to ignite cellular remembrance through all forms of creative expression and empower others to feel the full spectrum of their true human emotions so they can access their original genetic blueprint.

You can support Niamh's creative endevours by becoming a patron and watch her create more and more pieces of art to inspire deeper awakening and remembrance.

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My intention for creating this space is 
1) So that I can share my gift to the world while also allowing life and others to support me abundantly

Your contribution allows me not only to live and allow me to put all of my time into creating online content, researching, writing, creating my podcast, my blog, support me in answering your questions and getting this information out there at a greater level. 

2) It also allows me to spend time listening and writing and one of my biggest goals this year is to write a book that will take people on the ultimate journey back to self.

By reaching over 333 patrons this will allow me to full time step into this work and hire the support and a team that will allow me to create consistent high quality content, written, audio, visual and also my new book so this message can reach a larger audience.

3) It will also allow me to spend more time on my attunement artworks which are already having a profound impact on peoples lives and I want to be able to dedicate more time to create artwork that captures a language and frequencies that are beyond words.

I am so grateful to all your support and without you none of this would be possible 

I love you

Niamh xx
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