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Thank You!  At this level of $1 per month, you are now a member of the buttkicking community AND a part of what sustains and drives the mission of Buttkicking for All (who want it).  From online support to face-to-face events and more, your contribution of $12/year helps make all of these things possible.  

And, fellow buttkicker - if YOU are also a Patreon creator who somehow nurtures and nourishes the planet and/or its inhabitants, please let me know and I'll gladly support your mission as well. Together We Are Powerful!  

May we ALL live long and prosper, together.

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At this level of support and engagement, you're saying, "I believe in you, in this, and in the power of us."  

Like Dana, you want to see this buttkicking thing continue and grow, beyond what Nicci Tina could do alone and with her own life savings.  

You're here to make an even bigger difference, and you're backing that with some cash. It's like you're taking Nicci Tina out to coffee once a month, giving her a big hug and saying, "Thanks for what you're doing, you big butt you.  Keep doing it."

At some point there'll be perks for this level of support. Right now, we want to send you a Thank You card with a kiss for luck and a whole lotta love, so do include your address.

Thank you!

Level Twenty Buttkicker
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At this level, you could be referred to not only as a patron of the art and science of buttkicking, but as a foundational benefactor. You're providing Nicci Tina with something to lean into and spring from, as she does what she's here to do, i.e., Buttkicking for All (who want it).  

In addition to any perks coming to those at the above levels, there is this: for every six months of your support at this tier, you can gift an hour of conversation with Nicci Tina to yourself or to someone else you know and love.  This hour could be spent brainstorming ideas for your vision, or strategizing buttkicking one-on-one, or just sitting back and listening to the singing of your praises.  Your choice.  

(We'll be singing your praises either way.)  

Thank you.

About NicciTina

Hi, NicciTina Free here.
Glad you stopped by!

Why become a patron of Kick Butts Take Names?

The Patrons of Kick Butts Take Names (also known as beloved Buttkickers) receive certain benefits that you'll see in the various levels of support. Those benefits are growing as our community and collaboration grows.

The biggest benefit each patron receives - in addition to knowing you're personally making a difference in the lives of people who need more support to kick tobacco and nicotine and stay free - is being held every single day in love and in light.

Because this community is still quite small (we've been here for just a few months, at this writing) I personally take time every day, seven days a week when I pray and meditate, to consider what I know about each of you and to hold you in love and light with a vision of the life you've let me know you desire. 

So, just as I start my communication with each budding buttkicker with a vision of that person as joyfully free of tobacco/smoke/nicotine, I envision you living your own best life.

That said, if you'd like me to be clearer about what your best life looks like for you, please DO let me know!

What exactly are patrons funding?

Everything I do I do with your support.

The primary place I connect with people who want to kick tobacco and nicotine or help others do the same is through my Facebook page.

Each day, I take time to respond to questions and to cheer on people who are struggling and/or succeeding in their quest for freedom, and to transform their lives in the wake of tobacco.  With the recent news on the impact of e-cigarettes, I'm also supporting an increasingly number of people who are seeking freedom from vaping, too.

Another thing I do is teach other healthcare providers about how to more effectively talk with their patients about tobacco.  My work in this capacity has been endorsed by many notables in the field, including a former US Surgeon General and NIH trailblazer.
In the past, I've spoken at healthcare conferences and in other settings where there's little to no funding for the education of fellow healthcare providers.  As support grows here, I'll be able to do more of those talks and conferences, improving outcomes in those vital conversations.

I'm also writing the 3rd edition of this book and this time seeking a literary agent and publisher instead of self-editing and self-publishing.

And there are the logo t-shirts I'm able to create with the support of other talented creators.

And there are videos, including Tap Yourself Free, and there's other collaboration, like the (awkward;) (fun!) stand-up comedy I had the chance to do with David Granirer's fabulous organization, Stand Up for Mental Health.

And, I'm currently learning about podcasting because I'm getting a surprising number of requests for that.  This community is where I'll test that out, and launch it - with all of you, because I know you're supportive of the work I do, just as you know I'm also supportive of YOU.

With each action you see me taking, with each and every step, you can say, "I helped make that happen." 

You showing up for this mission means I'm able to show up for a LOT more people.

Together - with my actions and antics, and with your support - we can level the playing field and, maybe one day, make access to buttkicking as available as tobacco and nicotine
(Just imagine that.  I do every day.)

Again, Thank You.
Together, We Are Powerful.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts