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About Nice Guy Digital

Nice Guy Digital is a podcast network producing four different programs for idobi Radio.

"Become A Patron" of our bronze, silver, or gold tiers in order to to unlock ALL the benefits from each show and receive other exclusive content, gifts, and experiences! Or select the tier of one individual show to unlock it's benefits only. 

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RadioActive Dads
Premiering on July 24th, 2019... This is a weekly conversation between friends, actors, and new dads, Nathan Kress (iCarlyPinky Malinky), and Brett Davern (Awkward). Together they traverse the troubles and triumphs of raising kids in Los Angeles, all the while swapping hilarious on-set stories, reveling in the glory of millennial nostalgia, and unpacking intimate details about their personal lives. Sometimes they even bring in other celebrity parents to join the conversation!
WARNING: these guys aren’t shy and don’t mind pulling back the curtain to reveal what dads really talk about.
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The Brett Davern Show feat. Katie Leclerc
Turn up the volume daily with Brett Davern (Awkward) & Katie Leclerc (Switched At Birth)  who co-host & produce this silly show known for it's hilarious blend of conversation, celebrity guests, and great music; complete with incredible Hollywood-insider stories, and ridiculous made up games! For 400+ episodes their daily listeners look forward to unique banter, random topics and the ridiculous debates they find themselves in... Where do you keep your butter? How do you pronounce Whataburger? What is the best way to cut toast? And most importantly, what does your favorite fruit say about you?
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Wesam's World
Wesam Keesh, has been a working actor in Hollywood for close to a decade. He is best known for his leading role on ABC's For The People and his crowd pleasing performance on MTV's comedy series Awkward, "Jenna Lives!" When not running up mountains at the crack of dawn, he's hosting Wesam's World, a podcast in which he invites celebrity guests & friends into the studio for one-of-a-kind long form, in-depth conversations that range from the eclectic, to the thought provoking, to the "oh wow, did he just say that?!?" 
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The Way Highway

Pull the seat back, fire one up, and get comfortable… take a ride on The Way Highway, a show about the wild, weird and wonderful world of weed. Justin Ware and Sean Cowhig, the show’s co-hosts, are members of the renowned Los Angeles comedy group Dr. God, and their comedic backgrounds shine through on a show that occasionally dips into the serious, but more often celebrates the fun and goofy side of sparking up. It’s a jam-packed hour of unique conversations with celebrity guests, reviews of 4/20 friendly products, and other Things You Learned While High. If you want to ride high… always take The Way Highway.
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