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"One Dollar, Almost Free." A phrase I heard often in the markets of Cairo. 

If your really think about it, one dollar can change the world. I am truly grateful for your contribution and will write you a personalized email with some of my favorite quotes and suggested reading. 

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A personalized monthly letter, we're talking snail mail here! for those of you nostalgic as myself for the feel and experience of opening far-flung letters. Featuring updates, unique finds in my constant hunt for vintage ephemera, and other confessions of my manic, authorial self. 

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Hello there,


Welcome to my blog, The Wandering Scholar!
 Your go-to series on the cultures, customs, traditions, and histories of life and love, war and peace, belligerence and fanaticism. From East to West and back again. We'll venture to the places that dwell on and off the map. In regions known and yet-to-be-discovered.

In the tradition of folklorists and  Think of it as a highly integrated, educational travel blog-meets sensual, yes, I said sensual, food blog. Full of quirky and meaningful, sometimes entertainingly random information -- all in the name of becoming a stronger global citizen.

Hey, I'm Nicholas.

Writer, thinker, hopeless poet and most importantly a student of this planet we call earth. When I'm not stuck behind a desk I am out there exploring the quirks,  quandaries, and curiosities that make us human. Seeking those common denominators that make us human and I believe this can be done through our most ancient drive as storytellers. 

In fact, the whole of mythology
could be taken as a sort of projection of the collective unconscious
Carl Jung


Oh, Academia
Those lofty snow-capped mind clouds -- visions of dusty roads -- you know the ones -- roads less traveled -- But where was I... I'm launching this campaign as a sort of fundraiser for the wayward student. You know the one who dropped out a thousand years ago and only now realizes the inherent pleasures of education.

Your generous contributions will directly impact my tuition, owed and pending, helping to relieve the weight of student debt. 

ASTERISK! Look, I understand this is an absurdly individualistic and self-serving request. And I am no way under the impression that I deserve handouts or financial assistance. But I'm reaching for this limb, honest about my financial setbacks. It never hurts to ask and take this next step towards achieving my dreams. So here I am, slightly -very- embarrassed and asking for your help, from the bottom of my heart, to support these dreams.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am an open book, read me. If you have any comments, thoughts, or want to connect otherwise I'd love to get to know you!
Reach out here or email me at
[email protected]
Add me on Instagram at @NicholasAndriani
And Twitter at @nickandriani

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