Nicholas Woode-Smith

is creating epic Sci-Fi and Fantasy Stories
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About Nicholas Woode-Smith

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page!

I love world-building, and have been world-building since I could gather the fine motor skills to pickup a pencil. Since adulthood, I have made a career out of world-building and integrating those worlds into stories that people can and have enjoyed.

If you have found this page but haven't read any of my series yet, here you go.

Warpmancer: A galaxy spanning military sci-fi and space opera
  1. Shadow
  2. Trooper
  3. Captain
  4. Rise
  5. Defiant
  6. Godkiller
  7. Outcast of Empire
  8. Daughter of Mars
  9. Conquest
Kat Drummond: An edge-of-your-seat urban fantasy
  1. Free Teaser
  2. Part-Time Monster Hunter
  3. Blood Cartel
  4. Devil's Gambit
  5. Necrolord
  6. Darkness Beckons
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9% complete
I will start writing Patreon exclusive (at least initially) short stories set in the Warpmancer and Kat Drummond universes.
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