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About Nick Leidl

Hey Friends.  Thanks for checking out my patreon page. You’ve probably stumbled across me thru social media.  Hopefully you have checked out my LIVE show “One Drink with Nick” (Every Monday & Thursday at 9PM EST) or watched me perform standup comedy.

Well I'm going for it. #IrrationalComittment is my mantra, so I'm packing up my stuff and moving across country to pursue some exciting new comedy opportunities in Los Angeles.  And with the great idea of my fans, we have set up this patreon.

I am raising money to BUY a fun promotional car (let's face it, the crappier the better) and my puppy Nestle and I will pack up and do a 25 city national comedy tour as we trek from New Jersey to Los Angeles. (Dates coming soon) Your contributions will also help to finance the trip for gas, tolls, Big Macs, etc.   The fun part is, I am gonna record the entire journey real time and post it all on social media for your enjoyment, via videos, live feeds, and more.  Then I plan to make a documentary with all the footage once I arrive in LA.  

The super exciting part for me is that I will be shooting my first ever one-hour comedy special when I arrive in LA.  (Details coming soon)  For all the diehard fans, it would be an honor for you to come to the west coast and watch the show live as I record it.  Oh and following the tour and special, I will unpack and restart my life in Hollywood and continue to pursue my lifelong dream.  

9% complete
When I reach this goal,  it will provide the resources to create MORE & HIGHER quality videos, do DAILY interactive live feeds across ALL social media, bring back the popular weekly professionally produced @unwiseguys podcast and youtube show - all which will be available free for the adoring patrons.  I will also open a studio space in the trig-state area and produce weekly live stand up comedy shows, podcasts, and other performances that all the patrons can come together and enjoy.
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