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You've all got my back. I'll do my best to have yours.
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You've all got my back. I'll do my best to have yours.

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This isn't exactly a tier, though you get the $7 early access and all the other benefits too.

This is putting me on retainer as your music doctor.

TL;DR according to Australia minimum wage should be enough to maintain a family with three children in “frugal comfort.”

Minimum wage in LA is $14.25.

I am a believer in an economically-useful minimum wage. I believe the Australians have done the best job developing policy around this thus far, which is based on a 1907 case you can read about here:

Based on the intent of the 1907 formulation, from way before the consumer revolution or the growth of the middle class, and also from way before before the democrats deregulated oil companies and banks in order to save the environment and help the poor, minimum wage in Los Angeles in 2020 should raised to $72.75 an hour.

....and republicans wonder what we're so mad about when they block us from raising it to 15 bucks. The only effect that would have on inflation would be to make poor people less hungry. I don't mind your being greedy—that's your right, and you do you—but I have serious problems with lying to the public.

Anyway, I rounded to $4s and $7s because I learned from my composition teacher Joel Feigin that those were Bach's favorite numbers, and those have been my favorite numbers since I was a kid. AND ALSO MY BIRTHDAY>?!


I did not expect this to work and will have to look at my schedule to see how many more hours I can add.

Until then, please consider joining for $7 a month. That way you'll be the first to hear about it if you want to hire me like this.

Or, better yet, give your money to Equal Sound's general operating fund instead, at We're raising a ton for Corona relief but not much yet for general operating, and I put myself on the hook to get the staff paid.

Thank you!




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April 5, 2020

6:42 AM

Dear friends,

The way I use my Patreon profile is a bit different from most of the other ones I've seen, which usually have tiered reward structures for patrons. I really appreciate your taking the time to read this entire note and consider what I have to say, especially during a grave crisis, which the Covid-19 pandemic most certainly is.

I intend no ill will toward the highly skilled people who work hard, on behalf of others in the health, legal, financial, tech, science, manufacturing, liberal arts, nonprofit, and public service sectors to try to do good in the world. Who make informed decisions based on the data available to them, and who pursue their personal charitable missions in the ways they think best. If this is you—and, seriously, whomever you are, this is you—I am grateful for what you do to help others in your communities. Thank you.

I had already been planning to start a Patreon page for quite some time when Covid-19 hit. I could never bring myself to pull the trigger, though, because I hated the idea of charging people for my art. My music is a gift I want to give freely.

When the world economy crashed last month, my income from work in live sound and music post production pretty much disappeared, and I figured it was really time to bite the bullet and launch my page. All I had was text and a list of donor perks I'd straight up stolen from Sarah Belle Reid's profile to use as a model, because she does such a good job with her page.

Then shit got crazy.


If the site is down it's because we're getting more traffic than GOOGLE did when they first launched at Stanford and my "I had a side hustle building websites" thing is stretched to the absolute max. We've got someone who is going to take that over for me soon, because this project gonna need a real professional internet financial security person on staff basically immediately. Anyway....

Through my work with Equal Sound I am now very fortunate to have a voice that can reach many people. To make sure I use that voice to serve the community that has enabled me to succeed in this regard, I have developed a bosses-get-paid-last model to absolutely guarantee that Equal Sound's staff, volunteers, and supporters are treated extremely well.

Basically, if I pull some privileged-white-guy-who-has-read-a-lot-of-philosophy neoliberal bullshit scheme to make Equal Sound rich and famous—something like publicly guaranteeing my staff and independent contractors a maximum 30 hour work week with PTO from day 1 maybe? Actually let's just call that official. Cool—so that our charitable mission can ultimately impact more people, the bosses-get-paid-last model ensures that if I get rich, it's because everyone else did first. It almost makes capitalism ethical.

I've also capped my regular salary as artistic director of Equal Sound at the minimum wage of our service area.
Just to be extra safe in case the new arts fundraising platform we are building doesn't continue to experience the exponential growth that tech bros dream about.

But, uh, that's not the case. This thing is way bigger than me already. It's nuts. And that's why we have to do it right. And not Tim F*ck!ng Ferriss I'll-get-someone-else-to-do-it right. Actually right.

With ALL that in mind, it is clear that in the current labor market, not having a Patreon page is no longer an option. If you are human reading this, please go start your own page right now. There's probably a sign up button somewhere on this page. The pop up tutorials Patreon gives you make it really absurdly easy to set up if you follow the directions exactly.

Then come back to me. You've gotta put your own oxygen mask on before you help the child seated next to you.

When you have yourself a little more sorted and are wondering why you should give me $4 a month, it's because I'm going to use that money to help you.

I do a lot of different things in music, and have a pretty broad range of experience, especially with music technology and academic career consulting. I worked hard to develop these skills, and I believe in making the fruits of my labor accessible to everyone.

This is why I only have two patron tiers.
The third thing isn't a tier, it's me also using Patreon to job hunt during what is shaping up to be the worst economic depression in modern history.

$7 patrons get commercial/public releases 3 days earlier. This policy is somewhere between the neoliberal definition of equality and the insidious way capitalist realism forces otherwise kind and helpful people to extract goods of questionable value out literally nothing.

Every patron gets every perk. This way people who can afford less aren't treated materially worse, and we can avoid exacerbating the wealth gap the way most arts nonprofits do. If we're truly being charitable, shouldn't the people who can afford less be getting more perks, and not the other way around?

If I can get a couple hundred people behind this, which seems like a reasonable expectation given what's happened this month, I can use my time off from work at Equal Sound to do the things that drive me the hardest, like helping people with their musical issues.

I am a music doctor, after all, and a bit of a generalist.

To deliver on my promise of service to you, if you become a patron I will give you direct access to my consultation scheduling system, completely free of charge. You will be able to schedule advice calls or video calls with me at any time.

From there, we can figure out what part of my skill set might best be of service to you, and what we should do together next.

Thank you for listening.

In this with you,


P.S. I'm going to keep up a private blog here too so I can feel safe to be totally vulnerable around you and keep you informed of just how well this insane project of ours is going. I find positive news really helpful right now, so hopefully I can pass that feeling along to you.
$100 - reached! per month
When I reach $100 per month, I'll begin a once-a-month patron-only live guitar and/or electronics performance from my home studio.
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