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Hello all,

I am the creator of the website Sound of Text.

I am creating a Patreon in order to open up another avenue where I can be in touch with the people that use my site. Additionally, I wanted to make it easier to receive donations on a consistent basis. This will allow me to spend more time working on this site, which means you will get to see new features sooner.

Here I will post polls for new features and provide insight into the creation process of the next feature or web app that I have planned.

I'm a freelance web developer at the moment, but someday I would like to live off income from my creations. So, to anyone that becomes a patron, THANK YOU.

Want to learn more? Check out Nick Pierson's Dashboard
$5.97 of $15 per month
Sound of Text would be paid for every month and I wouldn't lose money hosting it.

That would be pretty exciting for me.

$5/month - Hosting Sound of Text itself.
$5/month - Hosting the staging site.
$5/month - 250GB of mp3 file storage through DigitalOcean Spaces.
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