Nick Pitera is creating music videos


$1 /creation
Thank you so much! You will have access to my Patreon only stream that I will check and interact with all the time. You will be the first to hear about upcoming videos, shows, and projects!...

$3 /creation
Digital "behind the scenes" postcards!! Each card will consist of a photo taken during video production, digitally signed, and composed in a template designed by me. Image will be exclusive...

$5 /creation
I will host a monthly group webcast to my $5 and up patrons where we can chat, connect, talk music...all of that PLUS all lower reward levels

$10 /creation
I will list you at the end of my videos in the credits as helping make these videos possible! PLUS all lower reward levels

$25 /creation
- I will send you a one time personal thank you video (delivered within a week after pledging)
- I will  follow you on Twitter! (be sure to message me your twitter handle so I can find ...