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About Nick Woolsey

Hi! I'm Nick. I've been creating photos and videos about poi since 2002. 

I have a clear vision of where I am going, artistically. This vision includes making the best photos and videos yet, and touring with a gallery show and performance in 2019. Bringing that vision to life will require me upgrading my skills with cameras and post-production, and setting aside many hours for writing, rehearsal, experimentation, and shooting. 

If you like that vision: This patreon page lets you send me a recurring monthly donation, to help me spend more time honing my skills and producing art, and less time scrambling to make ends meet. 

If you join me in this journey, you will get access to the special content I post here on Patreon This includes articles and videos about how you can take your own great photos and videos of poi spinning and fire dancing! Depending on the patron perk you pick, you may also get high resolution wallpaper images, access to my online step-by-step poi courses, or prints of my best photos. 

Patreon makes it easy for us to have our own mini-community. Once you become a patron, your membership "unlocks" the content I post on this page. 

Thanks for reading this far. If you're one of the people who takes the time to watch and share my photos and videos, thanks for that too! If you decide to be a patron, multiply those thank you's by 100! 


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I will invest more time into skills development, writing and storyboarding, rehearsing, shooting photos and videos, post-production, and collaborating with other artists. 

Some of the videos I produce take days of shooting to get them the way I want! It takes a lot of experiments to evolve as an artist, and seemingly small things like finding good music can take up lots of time.

This Patreon campaign is giving me extra "wiggle room" to get back to doing what I do best!
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