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About Niclas Gleesborg

My name is Niclas Gleesborg, what's yours?

In my humble apartment I sit and create videos out of curiosity, interest in learning new stuff and with a burning passion to teach!

In game design with often talk about "meaning of play". Why do we play games? What's driving us towards our goals? Learning about Game Design actually translates a lot of useful tools in real-life. My goal is to teach others how to create cool games, games with meaning and games that people are proud of.

Life can be pretty sedated and games help us overcome larger challenges in life. By being able to create meaningful games you can actually change the lives of people around you to the better.

My personal dreams are to inspire and raise confidence in peoples' own skills and ideas so they hopefully can create the game of their dreams, where only imagination sets the limit.

My way of doing that, is by one video, and one blog post at a time, helping you and helping others on their way to become great video game developers.

You could be the one to create the latest smash hit, or the one game that is just right for a selected niche. Whatever your dreams are, no matter how unreachable they may seem... I hope you will reach it one day.

My Youtube channel.

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