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Who We Are!

Hi there! We're Nicole & Scotty, musical sibling duo. In addition to being fun loving dorks, we're also recording/performing artists, songwriters, musicians, producers, and audio engineers.

6 years ago, we created a YouTube channel and began uploading covers and original songs weekly.
Recently we've released 2 original songs that have done awesomely well on Spotify (close to 100,000 streams overall!!). Each time we release a new song, we usually put out a music and/or lyric video to accompany it.

Other current projects of ours include weekly covers of popular songs, travel vlogs from our touring adventures, live concert footage from shows we play, and behind the scenes captures from shows or video shoots.

We'd love to start uploading more frequently, experiment with new content ideas, release more songs, and tour to new places  - and that's why we're creating this Patreon! Become a patron (we'll call you a "Fellow Traveler") and you can get all kinds of fun rewards!

Rewards For You!

1. Patreon Posts!
(For Everyone)
Everyone gets access to our Patreon posts, including BTS footage from shows or video shoots, photos of handwritten lyrics, videos that dive into our songwriting process, and plenty of blooper reels of course. ;)

2. Early Access!
(For Advanced Travelers and Ultimate Travelers)

We want to make sure you guys feel like the VIP'S that you all are, so we're letting you in on plenty of insider info! Early access to updates, tickets, and even new releases!

3. Livestreams!
(For Advanced and Ultimate Travelers)
Have some questions for us? Wanna share something? We'd love to talk to y'all! We'll hold regular, exclusive Q&A livestreams where you can chat with us about anything and everything (within reason, lol).

4. Cover Requests!
(For Advanced and Ultimate Travelers)
Want us to cover your favorite song? Here's your chance! Every month we'll make a post asking you to submit cover requests. If your song request is chosen, at the end of the video we'll write "Requested by: (your name)" in the credits, along with the other Advanced and Ultimate patron's names as well.

5. How To Play Videos!
(For Advanced Travelers and Ultimate Travelers)
Scotty loves to teach others how to play guitar, and has posted a couple of very popular tutorial videos in the past. If you're an Advanced or Ultimate patron with the desire to learn to play, you're in luck! Every month we'll make a post asking what song you'd like Scotty to make a guitar tutorial for (chords and solos included). If your request is chosen, you get a shout-out from Scotty at the end of the video!

6. Song Remake Videos!
(For Advanced Travelers and Ultimate Travelers)
Curious how your favorite dance track was produced? Scotty can shed some light on that process! As an Advanced or Ultimate patron, you'll have access to videos where Scotty walks you through production from an audio engineer's perspective. And just like the cover and how-to-play videos, each month we'll make a post asking if you have any requests on what you want to watch Scotty re-make or explain. You get a shout-out at the end if your request is chosen - you know the drill!

7. Personal Video Message!
(For Ultimate Travelers)

Request a personal video message from us! We'll make it silly as always, haha. :)

8. Merch Giveaways!
(For Ultimate Travelers)
If you're a loyal patron, we can hook you up with some free merch! Every 3 months, we'll pick 1 lucky patron to send an item of their choice from our Tee Spring store. That simple!
$0 of $200 per month
With this we'll be able to continue focusing all our time and energy on releasing new songs and video content for you guys. We can also start saving up for an album release plan!
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