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Please consider supporting me at this basic tier without the expectation of "special" treatment, though your support is, of course, of tremendous value! Thank you for helping me create <3 
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You'll help me cure the blues at this tier and I will extend invitations to the private pre-screening of each new audio/video production. 
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Being a raspberry is nothing to spit at! You will receive a haiku or other short-format poem from me as well as appear in the credits of any audio or video production produced during the time of your patronage. In the instance of a published volume of work, your name will appear in the "special thanks" section. 
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About Nicole Berry

There is no "Art Industry", however industrious the artists. Like beautiful, wild weeds struggling up through the concrete of the industrial world, art will out. Will you help this candid, audacious creator wriggle through? Please join me in creating dramatic and comedic content meant to salve, support and stir the spirit. 

Your participation means A LOT. Here are a few for-instances: 
  • You help me literally survive, ensuring I keep my mind and my body a little longer. That's kind of a huge deal.
  • I involve other artists in the production phases of my work. A fabulous domino effect of a patron supporting an artist who can then support other artist. Better than friendship bread!
  • Diverse stories normalize new eras. If you help provide the freedom of deep story telling, there is no end to the ripples. That's what art can be; a meaningful flutter from one soul to another that feels like nothing more than entertainment. Entertainment that engages, excites and heals. 
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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