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Hello and welcome to my first attempt at crowd funding through Patreon! So many people have been suggesting I allow my audience to help fund my projects and cosplay inspiration so after much hesitation I've decided to give it a real shot and see if this experience will help me become better able to do want I crave with my art and the activities you guys want to see more of while also giving a little appreciation back to my community as well. From a very young age I've expressed an overly enthusiastic love for my hobbies and favorite franchises, to this day my life still very much so revolves around my favorite topics. It's something of a dream to think I could be who I want to be and show this side of myself so openly and comfortably when only a few years ago I was too shy to show myself fully and indulge in what I loved most without fear. I have my supporters and close friends to thank for helping me break out of my shell and blossom into the person I am today, eager to pursue my passions and humbly allowing others to help me on my journey without it damaging my pride or feeling like a sellout.

If you choose to support me you'll currently be helping help fund towards future projects such as:  
-Future cosplay on my list (includes material expenses for crafting)
-Hiring photographers for better quality shots 
-Travel expenses for flying out to conventions that aren’t in my state
-Availability to stream and create content more often while being financially comfortable

Any and all donations and support is beyond appreciated, words on a screen can only convey so much but I want to emphasis what a HUGE step this is for me to take and why I held back for years on the Patreon boat trying to do it all myself. It boils down to my fears and who I am as a person, I have a very hard time accepting help even from close friends and family, so please know that even the smallest contributions are individually noticed, recognized, and appreciated deeply. This truly helps me out in my currently difficult situation more than I can comfortably express so thank you :’) <3
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My first goal is a bit of a stretch but it's just a max number I'm setting as an amount that I hope to reach over the next few years through my projects and combined supportive efforts. Any help at all will go right to backing my upcoming and also in process projects/activities. In 2019 I fell back on hard times and dealt with some unfortunate struggles that prevented me from creating content for most of the year, I lost my car in an accident that prevented me from commuting the hour drive to my jobs, got slammed with high medical expenses due to my heart condition and the treatment required for helping me, and also the expenses met from having to protect myself from a dangerous stalker. Due to these overlapping circumstances I took the leap for bettering my future and safety by moving out on my own to be closer to LA for not only a better start at what I love doing but also to ease my commute and increase my security/safety. I'm currently working 3 jobs at roughly 60 hours a week to meet rent and living expenses but because of this I have very little time and extra income left over to use for myself. Ideally I'd like to be able to rely on support just enough to be able to leave one of my jobs and use that extra time for streaming and content creating. This gives back to the community by allowing the extra time and resources to help me produce more content, takes a lot of stress off my busy life style which in turn helps improves my state of living and health tremendously. I know that this is a lot to take in and my point isn't to paint a sob story by any means usually I'd be hesitant to spill so much vulnerable and sensitive information but 2020 is about finally trying and giving this a real shot for myself and I feel here if anywhere is a place to be open and allow the honesty about my living situation to speak for how much any help at all helps me in so many ways. From the bottom of my heart I can't express the amount of gratitude I feel for the help and encouragement received from this, its an extremely hard step for me so thank you <3 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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