Nicole Grotepas is creating Short stories


$1 /creation
You get a digital download of short stories released for Patrons, plus your name in the acknowledgments of each story.


$3 /creation
At this level you'll have early access to my vlog updates when a story is released. The vlog updates are each 2 to 3 minutes long and are available for three month...


$5 /creation
For being a $5 donor, you'll not only get a digital download of each story and all the aforementioned items (named in acknowledgements and vlog videos), but I will also write you exclusive ...


$10 /creation
Patrons at this tier receive a handwritten postcard from me featuring cover artwork from one of my publications twice a year! Plus, you get named in the acknowledgments AND a digit...


$15 /creation
This reward includes the $10 Patron reward plus a random surprise! This could be anything from Patron-only access to a short story featuring a character from a cur...

Guild Ambassador

$20 /creation
You know how to strike a deal. Or an accord. Treaties and such. That's why this level includes the $10 and $15 Patron rewards plus access to a private creation-video. Think of the ...

The Diplomat

$25 /creation
You get a printed chapbook of one short story per year sent out before November. It's a random story per subscriber and is based on my preference. Here's the kicker: the package it...

The Saboteur

$35 /creation
For you clever subscribers, you'll receive TWO chapbook short stories per year (mid-year and end-of-year), plus all the fun swag I generate and send out to my superstar Pat...

Guild Boss

$100 /creation
No one should be giving me this much money. But, if you want to, cool. Wow. So at this unbelievable, guildy-bossy level, you receive a Patron-supported printed anthology of the short storie...

The Medici

$500 /creation
Really? No way. You shouldn't do this. You're the best. WOW. I will paint you into the Sistine Chapel ceiling . . . in a story. And it will be a fictional fresco. And you'll love it!

The Queen

$1,000 /creation
I'm only putting this here because it's kind of like the lottery. If someone exists who wants to give me $1000 for a story, you're like a rare butterfly. And this is your flower-petal landing pad. ...