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Rock Steadiest

$1 /mo
You rock! (you can’t hear me, but I sang that.) In addition to my appreciation and good vibes, you’ll get access to my Patreon Supporters feed.


$5 /mo
Thanks, you amazing do-gooder. Sometimes, in the summer, I like to go to the beach and get hot and sweaty and then walk to edge of the water and let my feet get wet. Yeah, your support feels refres...

Tornado of Hallelujah

$10 /mo
What is up, you tornado of hallelujah? You know how people say "I wish you were here"? Well I do. And to prove it, I'm sending you a postcard... from my soul. Metaphorically. In reality, it'll be f...

Bringer of Yes

$20 /mo
You, bringer of yes and possibility. If I were high five-ing my computer any harder, I'd crack the screen. Check your actual physical inbox - i think it's called a mailbox, -  I'm sending you an er...


$50 /mo
I see you, miracle in a human’s body. I see you, carnival of light and sound. I see you, wonderbomb. Thank you for seeing me.
Soon, you're going to see your name in the credits of any movie I m...

Cake Eaters

$100 /mo
Um... what?! Are you serious? [faints]     After I get the smelling salts, I'm gonna email you a series of linked writing prompts designed to produce a suite of poems. You email them back to me and...