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If you and I have not met until right now, 
My name is Nicole J. Georges. I'm queer, feminist, vegan, Syrian-American cartoonist, teacher & podcaster from Portland, OR.
My life partner is a rescue chihuahua named Ponyo. 
We hail from Portland, but are currently splitting our time between Oregon and Los Angeles, CA. 

I'm the author of the award-winning graphic memoir,  "Calling Dr. Laura""Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me Home",  the autobiographical comic book "Invincible Summer", and the podcast "Sagittarian Matters".

 I have been making & publishing my own art for over 20 years, and teaching for 18 of those. I like teaching comics & telling people how things work. 

I'm excited to make as much queer, feminist & animal-centric art as I possibly can in 2019!

I am on Patreon to share my art, the process, and chomeranian friend Ponyo. With you.

I want to work on graphic novels, podcast episodes, a new diary collection & more.
These projects will take time.

Your support will help allow me the time it takes to begin and complete my tasks.

My workaholic Capricorn Moon thanks you in advance for the opportunity.


THANK YOU FOR VALUING ART DURING THESE TROUBLING TIMES. (I know that was very Dr. Bronner-esque, to put it in all-caps, but seriously. Thank you.)

Here are my plans for 2019:

I will collect my existing unpublished diary comics, draw new ones, and work on my next graphic memoir, "My Straight Year".

I will continue to make my podcast, Sagittarian Matters. I will keep flying around the world to interview interesting artists and feminists from different disciplines (people like Hannah Gadsby, Ian Mackaye, Eileen Myles, Alison Bechdel, & Corin Tucker),and create a space for queer regulars like Michelle Tea, Beth Ditto, & Rocco Kayiatos to offer advice to callers.

My series "Anonymous Fuzzball" features animals at group therapy, delivering their own experience, strength and hope. I would like to keep these going and compile them into a book, and/or calendar.


I will continue to dance with my dog Ponyo & enact key scenes from musicals with her as my muse. Sometimes I will film & post it here.


ABOUT PONYO, a short story written in a different tense

Ponzini Linguini was picked up as a stray on the mean streets of Merced, California. No one adopted her, so after a month she was shipped to the Oregon Humane Society as part of a second chance program.

Ponyo continued to wait at the shelter, perfecting her manners for weeks until one day she met a sad-seeming girl wearing glasses who held her very close and decided not to let go.  Nicole was grieving the loss of her long-time companion, Beija, and had been haunting the shelter, looking for animal friends. 

NJG had never considered a chihuahua before, but something about Ponyo (then shelter-named "Margaret")  felt magical.
She put down a deposit and the next day she picked up the small orange dog, got her a fresh new collar and leash, gave her the name of a spunky fish girl from a movie, and took her to a new, warm home. 

Nicole & Ponyo have criss-crossed the country many times since they met. Wherever they go, if they are together, it feels like home.  Ponyo enjoys meeting all sorts of friends, sleeping in new beds, and experiencing desert, snow, city and farm life. 

Ponyo went completely blind when she was 3 year old. Nicole drove her to Seattle for emergency retinal reattachment surgery to restore vision in her right eye. They sold illustrated tote-bags to fund this endeavor. Many sweet friends bought a bag to help Ponyo see again. 

Ponyo will have on-again, off-again eyeball issues for the rest of her life, but luckily she is unphased by wearing cones and receiving eye drops. She has even earned the nickname "Ponyo the Perfect" by her ophthalmologist (knock on wood). 

Your support of our Patreon page helps Ponyo stay rich in eyeball supplements and ongoing vet visits to encourage vision. 

Thank you for the billionth time for supporting me (Nicole), my art, and my best friend. 


$838.89 of $1,000 per month
GOAL: Art Studio & 

Money equals time, space & dog treats.
$1000 or more will give me studio space outside the home and the time to work on the podcast, 
draw new Anonymous Fuzzballs & diary comics, and helps supplement Ponyo's ongoing eye care. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 203 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 203 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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