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Every contribution is highly appreciated. This won't support me with finances wholly but it will help me with creating awesome content for you guys <3 and as a thank you, here's what I'm offering:

- Shout-outs on blogs and Youtube content!

- Can request blog/Youtube topics

- If you're writing something, I can read up to 3 chapters for you ^_^

- Eligible for giveaways!

- Personal Q&A sessions on Patreon

- Early premiere of blog/vlog content

- Live writing sprints!

- If you want a one-on-one conversation on Skype, we can!



About Nicole Marcina

Hello there, lovies! I'm Nicole Marcina and I'm an author. I provide writing tips on my Wordpress blog: and I put writing vlogs on my Youtube channel on Nicks & Knacks!

I also do book reviews (not thorough ones, though). I also love to promote fellow writers, authors and creators because we should always support one another in whatever field we choose.

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