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About Write Your Spell

I’m Nicole Oquendo, and after writing and editing seriously for around twenty years, as well as working as a writing educator for over a decade, I’m ready to aim higher with my creative work and share the process along the way.

I currently teach creative writing full time at a digital media university. In what little spare time I have that I’m not volunteering, I’ve published multiple chapbooks, a memoir, and dozens of essays, poems, and stories. I get invited to speak about writing-related topics at conferences, residencies, and other events all across the country, and this work is very important to me.

Now, the tricky thing. My institution, while amazing, does not provide financial support to cover these travel expenses. Because of this, I pick up freelance work when I can, and am constantly teaching adjunct courses in addition to my full-time workload. This eats away at what time I have to create new work. To be fair, almost all of the time. 

There's more, too. I want to keep publishing, but for most of my life, I’ve been limited to small presses because of lack of time and financial barriers. Now, there’s nothing wrong with small presses! While most of this publication doesn’t pay, this corner of the writing world is run by gracious volunteers that want nothing more than to share how great you are. Trust me, I know. I frequently volunteer my time to curate special features, judge contests, serve on residency committees, work on literary journals, vote on book manuscripts, and anything else I can to get the work of marginalized writers out in the world. This few hours a week of unpaid work adds up, but I love to help.

And you know what, I think my work is great too! Here’s what I dream of doing:

  • I want to write about the intersection between creative work and magical practice. I haven’t mentioned yet that I’m a practicing witch! My creative work and my spiritual life are tied to each other. No way for me to separate them. Perhaps this is the same for other people, too. Most important, this guide won’t be bogged down with technical, gatekeepy terminology, and be easily accessible and motivating.
  • Have the time to apply for various writing fellowships, residencies, and grants. I’ve made a list of some applications I’d like to tackle in 2021, and will be sharing that process here.
  • I’d like to be able to afford traveling to share my expertise when I am invited without having to teach extra courses to pay for it. I've even already been invited to teach at a residency for next year! And I'd like to be able to get there without having to work twenty extra hours a week to afford it.
  • Submit my completed full-length poetry collection to publishers and relevant contests. This all costs money, and the expense is pretty much a nightmare. 
  • Hell, maybe I can even carve out time to send out a submission a week this year.

Real talk, I’m just tired. I have a lot to share, but very little time to chip away at the unwritten work. And I don’t want to make time for that by quitting what I do to help other writers. I’m not quitting my day job either (I need that sweet, sweet insurance, and besides, I can’t imagine a life where I’m not helping these students). But I can maybe earn the free time to focus on my own creative endeavors by not picking up those extra classes. (Lately, that extra class load has also been spent on medical expenses, which is a whole separate thing. Ugh.)

In return, I will geek out here regularly about my creative process, ideation, magic, editing, and anything else I can. I’ll check in with advice on how to tackle tricky applications, because that’s what I’ll be doing myself. I’d also love to have an incentive to post creative work as well (I’d have to make more money doing it here than I would publishing with a paying market, but to be honest, that’s not that much). I especially want to be able to share early drafts of what I have in mind for the craft book.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for being here! Let’s make stuff.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts

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