Natalie Hathcock is creating Music Videos

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Thank you so much for being willing to contribute even a dollar for my dream! Patrons who contribute at this level will have me follow your  Twitter page! Don't forget to message me your Twitter name.

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Patrons at this level will get all lower rewards, but will also have access to information from my Patreon stream where  YOU will be able to share your ideas about which song I should do next and b...

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All lower rewards, plus you will get a personal shout out from me on any new video I make! Your name will be included in the credits!

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All lower rewards included in this package, PLUS each month you will be invited exclusively to a private group chat on Skype with me and my cute puppies, for 1 hour where you can give ideas, and ta...

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All lower rewards, plus twice a year you have the option to request from me a personal 1 to 2 minute song sent to your email. This includes things like Happy Birthday song, or any of my songs that ...

$150 /creation
Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you for contributing to my dream at this level! No words can express how grateful I am that you would be willing to help me out with my dream! Patrons at this level ...