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Our mission

Nightingale Sessions is all about an authentic, acoustic music experience: We record aspiring artists performing their own songs at aesthetic locations. Our team consists of young people from Hanover that work at Nightingale Sessions part-time; besides their regular jobs and lifes.
We strive to stand out from the sheer amount of similar content by taking quality up a notch and ensuring that those videos are the best both the artist and we as team can deliver.

Why we need your support

Funding Nightingale Sessions ensures that we can keep up the work of generating quality content. The first thing that generates costs and is on our bucket-list for funding is the rental of equipment. After that, we would also like to get a small revenue from the shooting days so that we can spend more time working on this project without having to sacrifice income from our regular freelancing jobs. We also plan to hire people for sessions so that we can get more work done in the time we have. This way, we can further improve recording quality and the amount of songs we can handle on one day.

We are extremely thankful for every support - even if it just a symbolic euro/dollar that shows that you support our mission of bringing up new artists and share our love for authentic and raw music.

Notice about our approach

We want to be as neutral as possible. That means: We neither pay bands to play at a session nor do we accept payment from bands for them to play with us. We decide, which style and quality of music suites the format best. We hope to establish a mentality where playing at Nightingale Sessions is considered an honor and rewards itself at least through the distribution reach.

Silver, gold and platinum patronage

Those tiers are aimed more at companies, even though you can, off course, also choose them as an inidividual. After the first payment in one of those tiers, you will receive 50 stickers that are hand-crafted to your name/company/logo, declaring that you are an official silver/gold/platinum-supporter of Nightingale Sessions. Your logo will also be placed in the supporters-area on our website in the corresponding silver/gold/platinum-section.

We value your input and ideas, as we do for every person who is willing to contribute creative ideas towards this format, but we would like to note that being a silver, gold or platinum supporter does not grant any influence on the decisions to be made.

Legal notes

At the moment, Nightingale Sessions is an initiative/project of the German sole trader company "Jonathan Weber - Cinematography & Technology" and no corporation of it's own. Thus, payments will be received by "Jonathan Weber - Cinematography & Technology" and managed on behalf of the initiative/project.

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