is creating software, interactive art, and video.

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Are you drawn to a mythical place called Midian? Do you like obscure references?

Night Bread
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Night time is your time... to rise! Put your extra dough to good use with this tier.

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Looking to unlock software in one easy transaction? This is the tier for you! Just remember to cancel your membership after you unlock any software to make this a one-time donation.




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My name is Kai Nightmode and I am obsessed with making software, interactive art, and video to amuse and delight the humans of earth!

Please note that tiers are just for fun and goal rewards will be unlocked for all supporters as monthly funding goals are achieved.

Are you here to unlock Sprucemarks?
Unlock Sprucemarks with any monthly membership OR by making a one-time donation of $7 or more. More info at
$225 of $500 per month
Enough credits for a raktajino and gagh at the local klingon restaurant.

Patrons get early access to new creations.
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