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About Night

Here's a list of testimonials from people to help you get a grasp of me!
"Good plant! 10/10!"
"Night has retained an immense amount of power by never saying swear words"
"makes great ocs and has cute art. world's best sprout 12/10 would watch anime with"
"full of happy surprises, like an early spring"

Who are you?
Hi, I’m Kaila John, but most call me Night! I’m a 20 year old illustrator who loves to gush about plants and bugs. I’m Native American/Indigenous; specifically a citizen of the Navajo tribe. I’m currently based in the Arizona valley.

What do you do?
I love to illustrate calming environments and try to convey this through my colors. I’m a comic maker and storyteller who really appreciates character interactions and development. While my work is focused on illustrations and comics, I strive to go into animation for storyboarding. Art has always been my safe space through out my life that I love to share with others.

Why should I support you?
There are so many projects that I would love to work on, but I need a sufficient income to help finance those projects. I want to eventually sell merch and create physical copies of my comics or zines! I want to create something that will bring a person a peace of mind and comfort. I want to inspire others to bring more happiness in the world. I want my works to be that break from the world and make you feel important. Supporting me by becoming a patron would help me reach these goals closer and closer.

Thank you for taking your time to read through all of this! If you're not able to become a patron, that's ok! I still love you and appreciate you! 
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