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Wow! Money! Incredible! It's entirely useless, and yet somehow, if I don't have enough of it, I will die!
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Incredible! I can almost taste the food. It tastes...edible. My favorite.
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Seriously I don't know why you're actually paying attention to these lol it's all just giving me money. Like, there's nothing special. I have nothing to sell. If you give me money, it's kindness. You get whatever I make either way.
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About Nihilistic Janitor

Hello! I'm Nihilistic Janitor. 

I'm a disabled trans system on the internet who cannot do proper jobs, but who, oddly enough, still needs to eat and pay rent. I am, when my physical and mental health permits me, creating things, and if you enjoy me in particular not starving to death, my various projects, or just think you have too much money and somehow not enough places to put it, you've come to the right place.

The projects in question involve, but are not limited to, the following. Please note, also, that probably none of these are going to be things you need to pay for in order to get. Your money does not buy you these things. It buys me food and a roof over my head and internet.

The projects in question, in their various states of being and otherwise, are as follows:
  • The Third Half -- A 60k word polyamorous teen romance novel. I'm planning on putting it up somewhere for pay what you want as soon as I get the cover art I've comissioned, but given that that's delayed indefinitely by the artist in question being horribly overworked, I'm just going to put the raw text here. Consider it a pay-what-you-want, in a crude sort of way, at least until I have it up on a proper platform for that sort of thing in, like, the distant future.
  • Video Essays -- I like talking to people. Apparently people like hearing me talk. So I'm working on these now. When I start uploading them, I'll put the link here, but I feel like you're more likely to find my patreon through any videos I make than the other way around.
  • RWBY (The Jan Cut) -- A tongue in cheek name for a fledgling screenplay I'm writing that's essentially just taking RWBY and rewriting it to be something I think it could have been. I hope that, once I have it turned into a full fledged pilot with a plan for more, I can gather people together and start actually creating it in earnest, but we'll see. At the very least, I'll probably toss the screenplay for said pilot up here when it's done.
  • Fanfiction -- I also write fanfiction. You're not paying for this. I won't update my fics more if you're paying me here. But you can at least rest assured that I won't die of starvation or exposure before the next chapter of whatever it is of mine you enjoy. Link to my AO3 here.
  • Various Bits And Pieces Of Original Fiction -- This will probably pop up here from time to time, too. I have a lot of these, none of which are off the ground firmly enough to call out individually. If one does start taking off, like a reboot of Hate Would Suffice or what have you, then I'll probably wind up separating it out.
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With this much money, I will no longer have to tear out my hair about paying rent each month. Yay.
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