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About Nikkita Pierrottie

Yo! So we find ourselves standing here, eyeing one another. Who are you? Who am I? Well, I can answer that (WARNING: Answers May Vary.); my name is Nikkita Pierrottie, and I enjoy writing things. All the things! What kind of things, you ask? (You don't? Oh well, you're a captive audience until you exit this page, mwuahahaha ::cough:: Sorry. I get excited easily.)
  Are you a fan of WORDSIES? So am I! I'm nearly done with my fourth novel, the final proper release of the 2121 series, The End of Syfe. To summarize the series as a whole: "A handful of wacks escape their asylum into an otherworld only to find they're the key to averting the apocalypse." Sound up your alley? I hope so! Another I'm working on is Winter Red, a story about a woman who escapes city life for the solitude of the woods, only to discover a monster deep within~
  Thanks again for your attention, and I hope you stick around to make me do things for your entertainment!
::Current Project(s) Status!::
2121: The End of Syfe (Book 04; final) - 108k/108k word count, print-edit
Winter Red (one-shot) - 61k/120k word count, first draft
7% complete
Covers the furbabbies' expenses! If reached, I'll break ground on my idea for a children's story starring a veritable host of furbabbies--including the ones you know so well!!
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