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Yo! So we find ourselves standing here, eyeing one another. Who are you? Who am I? Well, I can answer that (WARNING: Answers May Vary.); my name is Nikkita Pierrottie, and I enjoy writing things. All the things! What kind of things, you ask? (You don't? Oh well, you're a captive audience until you exit this page, mwuahahaha ::cough:: Sorry. I get excited easily.)
  Well, I'm giving part of the power to you, the (quite possibly empty) audience! I'm still quite new at this public platform, and would love to hear suggestions! I'm open to just about anything, though I will say when I'm not (sorrynotsorry). As an author, I mostly enjoy creating wordsy things! But I also have access to a decent web camera, a photo camera, games, and the like.
  Are you a fan of THINGS? So am I! What kind of things are you a fan of? I'm nearly done with my fourth novel, the final proper release of the 2121 series, The End of Syfe. To summarize the series as a whole: "A handful of wacks escape their asylum into an otherworld only to find they're the key to averting the apocalypse." Sound up your alley? I hope so! Another I'm working on is Winter Red, a story about a woman who escapes city life for the solitude of the woods, only to discover a monster deep within~
  This is rather long-winded, so we'll part ways here. Thanks again for your attention, and I hope you stick around to make me do things for your entertainment!
::Current Weight Status (URK!)::
Starting Weight (01.01.2020)
- 336lbs.
Current Weight Status (19.01.2020) - 333.8lbs.

::Current Project(s) Status!::
2121: The End of Syfe (Book 04; final) - 108k/108k word count, print-edit
Winter Red (one-shot) - 61k/120k word count, first draft
12% complete
Covers the furbabbies' expenses! If reached, I'll break ground on my idea for a children's story starring a veritable host of furbabbies--including the ones you know so well!!
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