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You won't believe it, but when you send out emails to over 10,000 people on a regular basis, every single dollar matters. 

By supporting me with $1 per month, you enable 471 (!) newsletter emails to be delivered to their grateful recipients. 

A buck sure goes a long way. Thank you!

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Having a website to your name costs money,  which means that if I don't fork over $$$ to a registrar like GoDaddy every year, soon, someone else will blog at 

That would be sad :( 

With $3/month, you're defending my precious domain name for 75 days! 

How cool is that?

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No research, no relevant articles. It's that simple. 

At $5/month, a Medium membership allows me to dive deeper into current themes, figure out what's really important to you and make sure I write stuff you care about.

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Websites have to be hosted and when the host isn't paid, he turns off the lights.

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You're a true champion of human connections. I bow to you in humble gratitude.

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You want the full package, huh?  

With this, you've covered the entire month of hosting, a full year of domain costs and a whopping 10,679 emails.

Hosting Hero is an understatement. How about...Hosting Hero+? That's more like it! 

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Holy cow! You must care a lot about...everyone! You're covering me, my websites, my hosters, my readers, heck, even the other patrons!

That's it, you're officially Nik's national hero from now on. We're founding a country and putting you on the flag.

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