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Thanks for the tip! Even a single dollar pledged once is appreciated (but feel free to pledge more if you so desire). I'll include your name (real or username) in the credits of whatever I'm working on during your pledge.




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About Nikolyst

Thanks for dropping by! I'm Nick, otherwise known as Nikolyst. I create lots of different things. Most things I release tend to be either music, video games, glitch art, or live music visuals. And everything I release is free of charge.

Wait, really?

Yup! All my publicly released projects are licensed under either CC BY-SA 4.0 or BSL-1.0. Among other things, it means you can use any of my projects in your own projects. Want to use a sweet piece of glitch art as a background in a space shooter? No need to ask! Just follow the license guidelines for attribution and do it (although I'd love to see the finished product).

If your stuff is free then what's this for?

Think of this as a fancy tip jar. You can "tip" me by making a pledge of at least $1. I don't have the mental energy to offer any snazzy rewards but I do include my current patrons in the credits of what I release. If I get enough pledges then maybe I can start turning this into a career. In the meantime, I'm just going to make stuff because I like making stuff :]
$4.30 of $2,400 per month
With this awesome level of support, I'll be able to go part-time with my day job in order to spend more time creating free CC-licensed things for everyone :]
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