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Every little bit helps me! <3

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About nikoniko808

About Me
Hey guys I'm Niko; artist/ fanartist. I have been into drawing most of my life but didn't really see it as potential profession until late 2012. I took drawing inspiration from Rumiko Takahashi's style (Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha). I also love dogs, my favorite food is Korean, and I play piano.

Why Patreon?
Patreon has really helped me financially. The funds I make go towards living expenses and future equipment so I may continue my work and dish out content for you! Eventually I'd like to be able to draw full time so I can improve my skills and create more art for everyone to enjoy! 

What do you get?
You get special rewards for your support! As a patron, you'll get to see and get exclusive content (nsfw versions, high resolution pics, unposted art, doodles, etc) that I won't post anywhere else! 

How does payment work?

On becoming a patron you'll get charged up front and get instant access to the feed! Patreon will then charge you on the 1st of every month after. When your pledge goes through, you will receive the monthly reward pack on the 5th of the new month! 
Those that pledge in the middle of the month are eligible for the previous months reward pack. Just DM me!

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97% complete
I want to add a nice process gif of a piece per month so you guys can see the steps taken to get to the final piece! There will be some added commentary of details to it as well!

Also to add on to do more nsfw variants like more outfits, or none at all ;)
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