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Go to to join my OnlyFans for specific content such as:

•  Daily casual content  

 •  Feet content

 •  You decide what sets you want to purchase

*Do not join this tier! This is just a placeholder to disclose my onlyfans content

Genin Tier

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Lots of bang for your bucks! Thank you for your support! 

Includes access to my Patreon-Only feed:

 •  New costume reveals + WIP

 •  BTS photos

 •  Updates & Selfies  

 •  HQ cosplay photosets 

 •  YouTube first-looks

 •  Patreon Discord: join the the lobby to chat! 

 •  Access to polls (like future prints)

 •  A bonus set if a goal is met!

3D Ninja

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This tier is purely for those who want to receive 3D print rewards + you get to see my exclusive newsfeed! This tier does not stack with any other tier.

Every month that you pledge, that amount goes into trading for:

 •  .stl files that I have made

 •  CAD modeling commission

 •  3D printed prop

.stl files are $15, which you can use to print at home. 

CAD modeling commissions means I will personally model something of your choosing, like the Super Crown I did recently.

A fully 3D printed prop costs $25+, depending on the size. 



About Ninja-Dee

Pledge before August 31 to receive these rewards!

Your support will allow me to produce more awesome cosplays, funny gameplays, travel to more cons, and meet more Ninjas! 
This page is for my wonderful ninjas who would like to help me fund my cosplay exploits with first-look information at what cosplay I'm working on with WIP photos. As well as YouTube gameplays of games of your choosing. But really, Patreon helps me give back to my awesome Ninjas by releasing awesome exclusive content! 

I desire to share even more with all of you! Being able to share my experiences is something I truly cherish. This way I can give you all my sincerest gratitude, attention, exciting personalized loot, and tons of media content. You Ninjas make it possible, and I'm so humbled by your support- thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And thank you for the time to consider a pledge! I understand that not everyone has the finances to pledge. I greatly appreciate your other ways of support, whether following and giving my pictures a "like" or watching my YouTube videos, and chatting in my twitch streams. 

Behind-the-Scenes Content
Birthday/Christmas Present

Boudoir Photosets

Crafting Tutorials

Exclusive Polaroids and Prints 
First-Look at Gameplays and Tutorials
Lewd/NSFW Content



Outfit Requests

  • When will I be charged? Patrons will be charged upon sign up, and then at the start of the month every month onward.
  • Do you shoot nudes? Can I pay you for nudes? No.
  • When will physical rewards be shipped out? Reward packages will be shipped out every other month as according to the Schedule.
  • I haven't received my physical rewards?! Please message Dee on Patreon.
  • Can I get previous month's rewards? Higher tiers get the option to pick an archived set as part of their reward.
  • I've signed up, but I don't have access to the discord? Please message Dee for an invite link to the server if the bot didn't automatically add you.
  • How do I get added to snapchat? Please send your SC username to Dee.
  • What are the archived photosets that I can choose from? Check out the full list at,
    *Requests are open after pledging 1 full month prior and will be posted the following month; this means you have to be pledged for at least two months to receive the set you requested
    *First requested, first shot. I can only shoot 3 requests in a month before they will be postponed to the following month, and thus released a month later. OR you can PICK from something I've already shot so you don't have to wait.
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A bonus set will be released to ALL patreons once this goal is met, including those in the $2 tier.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 430 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 430 exclusive posts

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