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About Ninnie


Please be of age (18+) if you decide to pledge, thank you!

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is the end of the month, I'd recommend you wait until the next month.
That way you'll not be billed twice in a short amount of time
(unless you want that, of course)!

  Twitter 🌺 FLO 🌺 FurAffinity 🌺 KoFi

Hello! I'm Ninnie/Hela, but you might also know me
from FA as Cattsun.

As you can see, I draw various nsfw/sfw art, oc’s, comics, and also furries!   
I have always liked doing comics and that is what I'd love to do for a living.
I have lots of comic ideas I want to do,
but time is limited when you do commissions for a living.
That's why this Patreon exists! \o/


So why would you support me on my Patreon?
Each dollar pledged, is one dollar off of the amount I need to make through commissions. This means I will have much more time to plan and draw all my comics, be it long or short projects!

What is the income used for?
For general living expenses, but mainly bills; internet, food, student loan, phone, dog food, etc.!

What is the main project at the moment?
The main project right now is a story heavy, slow burn like BL comic, which is called Like the Sun Loves the Moon. The comic contains my favorite ship, called BakuRai. Rai, or Raimundo, is my OC, while Baku, or Bakugou, is our favorite anger bundle from the amazing series MHA. I started the comic back in September 2017, and we're now closing in on 100 pages! 

Any side/short projects?
I do YCH comic commissions on FA for example, but I also have 3 Short Smut Comics planned. One is a LycanCross comic, which has 4 pages lined at the moment of writing this!

What will you get for helping me out, you ask?
Well first and foremost, you'll get access to everything I draw. I will also post everything for FREE online later, but you, as a patron, would be able to see everything FIRST! The higher the tier the more you'll get! So check the tiers out, and see if there's one that interests you!

Rated: mature/adult  
Genres: romance, fantasy, bl, drama/humor, furries

The God of Spring and Life is an explosive young man. One day, while on the fields with his mother, he sees a gigantic dog, carrying a mysterious man. The dog soon disappears, and he's left wondering what he just saw. It doesn't take him long to take action!

Like the Sun Loves the Moon is a story driven fantasy comic,
about two young men meeting, getting to know each other, and falling in love. Their families and friends do not accept to their new relationship, and try to get in the way of their happiness. Do they succeed or will the lovers manage to build a life they have always wanted?

Main characters:
Bakugou Katsuki (BNHA; Persephone; striped hyena)
Raimundo (OC; Hades; a wingless vampire bat).

The LSLM comic: weekly 1-2 pages 
Sundays: public


$311 of $470 per month
The minimum I need to pay for a government/law enforced "retirement insurance" for self employed people, that I've been putting off getting for a long while. 

With this amount, I can create myself a bit more of a stable schedule!

  • 1-2 LSLM comic pages a week, and
  • at least 1 NSFW comic page/Month (sketched)!

Thank you so much for your support!
🐺 ❤ 🦊

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