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This category is a very important one. This is for individuals who love what we are doing, individuals that can see the need for this type of education in our community but also understand that we a building a curriculum to share globally. 

NDS Eco School is about so much more than building a local school. It's about changing the paradigm of education, meeting necessary needs of the future, inspiring young thinkers and entrepreneurs and finding youth who are able to value both nature and technology, community and business.

A $5/month donation lets us know that we are on the right path and gives us the funds to push forward faster. This group is the foundation of what we are trying to do because a lot of people with a vision can do a lot of good in this world. 

Donors from this group are encouraged to follow us on social media, share what we are doing and engage with us online.

Supplies and Projects
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Though we have vowed to be a paperless school we still need day to day supplies. Our students love art and love to build, so we are always in need or new tools and treasured resources. We try and keep tuition fees as low as we can so that we can be as inclusive as possible. A portion of tuition is allocated to supplies but an additional $20/month donation will allow us buy materials that might not be seen as necessary monthly resources. These additional supplies would be used for larger projects like building a chicken coup, enhancing the garden spaces, or even things like fabric, wood and tools.

Donors who want to help us go that little bit further will be send a personal "Thank You" postcard that includes a picture of a project they've contributed to.

Enhance our Technology
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Our eco-school is determined to create an integrated educational program that brings technology and nature together. A $50/month donation will help our school is two specific ways. It will supply us with extra funds for online subscriptions to educational services and applications, and we will be able to allocate funds to buy computers, robotic kits and other forms of technology that are unheard of in our region. 

Donors in this package will receive updates that pertain to our enhancement in technology and related feedback from both teachers and students.




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About Ninos del Sol Eco School

Pura Vida from Costa Rica!

Our team here at Niños del Sol Eco School seeks to create a paradigm shift in education. It is our mission to find the passion of each student and teach to their individuality using the ocean, the garden and our community. That's where you come in!

We are a small, internationally accredited primary school near Playa Ocotal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Our quarter acre ground offers space for gardening, exercise and play. We take our students on weekly trips to the beach and focus on creating an engaging learning environment both inside and out of the classroom. We are currently renovating our school so that we can open our doors to more activities and services which currently include; the elementary school, Montessori center, adult language classes, outdoor education, performing arts classes and LEGO Robotics.

We focus on developing the individuality of the child. Students are given the freedom to explore learning through their personal interests. We base our teaching models on Montessori and unschooling philosophies with Project Based Learning and Inquiry-based Learning methods. We view the student as a scientist that should be allowed to explore, and we intend to engage each student on their own level. Our student-teacher ratio is no more than five students to each teacher. We look to create opportunities where students are able to voice their opinions about what they've learned, to encourage their peers and the Playas del Coco community. Our curriculum is specifically designed to support this and with your support we can develop this type of curriculum further. Together we can create a comprehensive program for other startup projects in communities around the world. 

We seek financial support to enhance our school structure, for resources and for curriculum enhancement. As a start up school, resources are limited and it's our mission to keep tuition affordable and to offer scholarships to locals whom otherwise could not afford education. Niños del Sol wishes to maintain a strong local population enrolled in our school.

It goes without saying that we would greatly appreciate your financial support. The Patreon model has us place rewards to entice you to donate, but if you are excited about our children's future as I am, you know that education is what we need to create a better and brighter future for everyone! You're here because you understand what Niños del Sol is trying to do, and you think the kind of education we are offering is worth it! From all of us at Niños del Sol, THANK YOU!

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